Construction management sim Hell Architect which is a hell manager is released on August 18-new trailers are also released

Publisher Leonardo Interactive Develops Woodland Games announced that “Hell Architect” will be released on August 18, 2021 and published a new trailer.

This work is a hell management game with dark Youmore. The player is to manage sinners as a hell manager and torture, etc. in addition to the development and extension of hell. We aim to extend hell by promoting development and upgrading of new torture instruments. The main features of this work are as follows.

  • It seems that you just make hells
    In addition to constructing and developing the level of nine hell in campaign mode, it is also possible to make your own masterpiece with infinite time in sandbox mode.

    • Please build and distribute sinners!
      ** Following basic buildings such as power plants and dining rooms, we will add torture facilities etc. and increase the distress of hell residents.
  • Management is key
    Collection of resources, construction of infrastructure, and expansion of hell are important. Let’s manage and work well with the soul that comes to hell one after another.

  • Route the tuna
    Do not suffer from various reasons and methods that have come to hell.

  • Nice hell
    It is characteristic of stylish 2D art that is harmonized with cruelty and grotesque theme.

  • Appearance of guests
    Play as the most sneaky sinners (legend character) with special abilities and create a further masterpiece.

“Hell Architect” will be delivered to STeam on August 18, 2021, corresponding to Japanese subtitles / interfaces. Also, “Hell Architect: Prologue”, which allows you to experience the game content for free, is already delivered.

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