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Complications due to remote work can cause some language work to be corrected.

For everything that happens in the world, it is quite natural to ask if some of the most anticipated titles will be affected by delays (as well as from the upcoming hardware, but that’s another story). A game about which people really surprise is cyberpunk 2077. The game has already received a pretty big delay. However, the developer CD project Red seems pretty firmly convinced that the game is released in September. But it seems that there are some restrictions.

As described in detail by VGC, Michal Nowakowski made a conference call for financial results, SVP of Business Development, clear that he continues to expect that the game will achieve its current publication date. He noticed something interesting, which could be a problem due to remote work, which is currently being carried out to fight the spread of the coronavirus. Since so many recording studios are closed, this apparently means that you may not be able to capture some of the late voice recordings. Some of them may need to be inserted with a patch.

“There are some difficulties in the localization process, especially when taking up some actors,” said Nowakowski. “Most studios are currently closed at least for the time being.

However, we managed to record the vast majority of voice-oververs, but there are always some last pick-up sessions, and we are not very concerned about it, as we can record this later and add in the form of a digital patch. Until customers actually buy the game in September, they would only download one file in which the missing recordings are added. However, this process was hindered a little. “

Cyberpunk 2077 The publication is currently planned for September 17 and has already been submitted for most countries to the evaluation. CDPR is so confident to achieve this date that you already talk about the DLC, which will come afterwards. Press thumbs, they are not overly confident.

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