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The young Swedish Studio Frame Break, property of the group housing, took advantage of the ID @ Xbox to reveal its first title. This is Lightyear Frontier, a game of management and agriculture in a science fiction world, playable alone or up to four in cooperation, and where tractors have been replaced by Mechas.

In the farmers’ skin of the future, players will have the task of making their crops prosper and transforming their environment gradually to make the planet on which they are more welcoming. Lightyear Frontier intends to marry agriculture, craft and basic construction, and will challenge us to cope with the formidable meteorological conditions and an aboriginal fauna that it will contain so that it does not damage Our plantations.

Our crops can also be used to improve our metha, to become more efficient to help us in our daily work while allowing us to explore new territories. By increasing ever further on this foreign planet, we will have the opportunity to discover new species to cultivate and thus further develop our farm.

Frame Break provides an output on PC and Xbox consoles on an indeterminate date. Early access has already been announced and a date should be communicated soon.

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Video Frontier

Lightyear Frontier – Trailer

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