Wild Rift Riot puts the premieres of Nunu and Brand with the new frost event and call

League of Legends: Wild Rift The accelerated rhythm of champions launch a little. There are more and more the characters that have adapted to the mobile experience and we already have an extraordinarily extensive campus. However, that does not mean that Riot Games do not want to continue receiving great doses of novelties over the next few months and, after the launch of Thresh, the developer has announced the new frost event and call to welcome to welcome Nunu and Brand **

The new champions already have a launch date

The objective of the aforementioned frost event and call is to receive Nunu and Brand. Although the details have not been revealed and we are still immersed in the current recreational, since the developer has been announced for the next day September 9 . Thus, Riot Games has pointed out that both characters will land at the wild crack on the day marked at 2:01 Spanish peninsular time.

The objective of the developer is to enforce the similar origin of both characters to show their evolution. In the same announcement they have explained as one of them decided to become a friend of a monster while the other became one_. As in the original version of League of Legends, we will have Nunu as the character that embraced Freljord and his ice powers and Brand , who took possession of one of the characters in history to become In the Hero (or Antihero) that we know in the game.

At the moment there are no details about the rewards that the event will include or how it will be carried out . However, it is expected that we have access to several unlocks or that we can even make ourselves with one of the two characters as a function of the missions that we are completing, as happened in previous set premieres. The aspects that will have each available have already been confirmed:

Brand Celestial Light

  • Brand spiritual fire

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