Battlefield Mobile in the Play Store Jellact It will be a full fledged offshoot

Battlefield is fully in trend for this year. This is mainly due to the upcoming publication of Battlefield 2042. In addition, there should also be an offshoot for smartphones and tablets next year. After the announcement in April, now the first information that probably was not completely voluntarily published.

Battlefield Mobile brings huge battles on the go

Because in the Google Play Store is now a product page for Battlefield Mobile Velvet info and pictures looked up, as divided on Twitter:

Link to Twitter content

To publish the article, the page in the Google Play Store continues to be active and can be accessed via this link.

Great destruction: A unique selling point of the Battlefield series is longer the interactivity of the battlefields. You can destroy houses and other buildings on a map to bury opponents below or create new tactical points. Battlefield Mobile should also be no exception.

This does not offer the smartphone offshoot :

  • Cards and game modes: It will be available to both new additions and already known.
  • Classes : The classic roles Assault, Support, Medic and Recon are included. But you can customize your complete loadout yourself and optimize game styles such as tactics, destruction, stealth and more.
  • Vehicles : Fighting on land, water or in the air with tanks, quads, aircraft, ships and more.
  • TeamPlay : Closes a battalion or found its own squad to play together with others.
  • In-App purchases : How the product page confirms, there will be opportunities to spend real money in the game. The buyable content is not yet known.

First pictures of Battlefield Mobile are in the gallery:




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Battlefield Mobile View

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This year, Battlefield 2042 will be released for the current consoles. Here is an overview of some articles on Mobile Velvet:

  • Battlefield 2042 runs on Xbox Series X probably better than PC, PS5 test was canceled
  • Battlefield 2042: Hacker page now offers aimbots and lots of cheats
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  • In Battlefield there is now also TakeDowns as in Warzone and Apex

Beta will probably start soon : Battlefield 2042 is expected to get a beta before the launch on October 22nd. An insider has now announced a supposed appointment. Accordingly, the open test phase does not start early September but only at the end of the month.

Can Battlefield Mobile really transfer the experience of big battles to the small smartphone screens? Do you like to play ego shooter on the way or is this for you a genre that belongs to the big TV?

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