League of Legends Wild Rift s open beta arrives at the Americas

In the field of online games, League of Legends is a Mastodon, so we are not surprised that League of Legends: Wild Rift will soon arrive on the American continent. It would always happen. But we will know when, exactly, we can expect it to happen tomorrow – the release date will be announced on March 9. This reworked version of the game brings the action on mobile and console with simplified matches and a high level competition. Once the Open Betas arrive correctly, the players of the Americas, Brazil and Latam will be able to download Wild Rift directly from the App Store without registering. There are just a few small problems: the players of the Americas will not be able to compete with players outside the region, even when traveling abroad, and they will not migrate their accounts.

To be accurate, if American players have been recorded on other servers, they will have to migrate their accounts to the new region of the Americas, and all their progress will be lost. All the wild cores they bought will be restored, but the account will again reset at the one level, so it s a cold comfort. Fortunately, Riot Games plans a special event to help American players catch up, so expect a flow of Blue Decks, CP, Champions and Exclusive Content of previous events. If you play Brazil or Latin America, you re lucky – no restrictions of this type applies to you.

A new global event called Wild Rift Journey is also in preparation, which should be published in parallel with the Americas specific event. We will keep you informed when we will know more.

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