“FF” father and Hiroshi Sakaguchi established an unofficial brand “Sakagucci” in “FF14”. Fan service that also thoroughly works for “fake brand products” and resale measures

Final Fantasy XIV (hereinafter referred to as FF14 ), FF series of parents and Yamaguchi Hiroshima seemed an unofficial brand. On January 21, Mr. Yamaguchi declares the launch of the brand Yamaguchi with Twitter and exhibits Chicago stuffed animal in the market. Subsequently, we have a limited sales method by direct transactions from party recruitment, and develop brand development while taking measures against the absence of resale. From 0:00 on January 26, the fifth is scheduled to sell Samuel pants coordination.

Mr. Yamaguchi is a person who is known as a parent of the Final Fantasy series. FF14 played FF14 to play with Yeshiva Naomi, a producer and director of FF14 held on October 2, 2022. After the discussion of the discussion, we continued FF14, and it became a topic that he captured the main story with the majestic momentum (related articles). He will start labeling the chapter when the main story of the large expansion disc Okazaki’s Finale where the official service was started on December 7. When the cook’s level reached 90, he cooked Pumpkin Postage, which is the latest meal and sold into the market.

This exhibition attracted a lot of attention, as a father of the FF series.
Therefore, in addition to resale act, fake produced by another person with the same surname same name is likely to appear. The craft of FF14 is incorporated with a producer. In FF14, the character of the same surname same name can not be created in the same world. Mr. Hironobu Yamaguchi, who is Mr. Yamaguchi, who is Hironobu Yamaguchi, who is Hironobu Yamaguchi, who is Hironobu Yamaguchi, who is Hironobu Yamaguchi, who has been based in the Market of Anima World, appears like Mr. Yamaguchi’s handmade item.

However, if you pass the item produced by the same surname same name created in another world to the character of the Anima World, the data can not be distinguished at all. In addition, if it is an item that can stack to a possession such as pumpkin postage, it is possible to grow the Hironobu Yamaguchi item by combining the same item with what Mr. Yamaguchi production. These methods are intended to be the back of the specifications of FF14, and anyone can do it without using the Terms of Terms.

In fact, Mr. Yamaguchi is not clear whether these damage are suffering from these. However, when selling pumpkin postage, it may have heard that there is a possibility of such damage from somewhere. Subsequent item sales are depending on the possibility of resale acts and the same surname, and various trial and errors are superimposed.

Yamaguchi’s Apparel Item The first Winter Sweater was sold as a total of 10 limited products, 7 sheets distributed by party recruitment and Mr. Yamaguchi distributed to acquaintances. The amount of items sold later also has limited quantities and is a highly rare item. Within party recruitment, we would like to do not resale to the applicants who wish to purchase, and it seems that trading at prices that have added chips to the material costs. In addition, the purchase item is a rule to project the item in the fly to make the item in the BIND state (trade or exhibition can not be done). After purchasing, a tour to go to defeat content with Mr. Yamaguchi has also been implemented, and it is a measure of one stone two birds that can be made to wear an armor projecting equipment and making memories, and it will also be more likely to prevent resale.

As an example of adding a name value to the in-game item, Term, who serves as a visual rock band PLAY vocal, has a market exhibition with its own character inscription. Term has been working in Gunner World with Murky Queen’s name, and sells Campy with her own inscription Campy at 5000 Gil. However, the exhibition of fakes by a similar name character and high resale act is a problem, and the Gunner World’s Campy market was rough. Among the concerns that were born in the community during the item sales of Mr. Yamaguchi, there were also few things based on this Cathay’s issue. It may be that Yamaguchi’s spoofing and resale measures may be that Term’s previous example.

FF father’s father’s FF14 brand Yamaguchi. It is a new attempt that enhances rare value and serving services to fans. Mr. Yamaguchi seems to have planned to distribute Gill to this brand in the game world as a major development in the future. I can not release my eyes from the future movement of Yamaguchi where handed over and sold tonight.

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