Hogwarts Legacy: Release supposedly 2022, trailer should come soon

When will Hogwarts Legacy finally appear? Allegedly, it should be so far this year how current rumors imply and the developers themselves have already been officially emphasized several times . How long fans have to wait exactly to the appearance of the action roleplay, however, however, remained open. But now the leaker Accountngt is concretized, who already the coming star was. Eclipse has revealed by Quantic Dream, on Twitter the release period of Hogwarts Legacy.

By the way: Why our editor Matthias Brückle is looking forward to Hogwarts Legacy , though he is not a fan of Harry Potter, he explains to you in his column.

New gameplay material shortly at PlayStation Event?

As Gamingbolt reports , Accountngt claims that Hogwart’s Legacy will appear in September 2022. In addition, fans should be given to his information in February or March 2022 a new trailer, which the developers will show events as part of a PlayStation.

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Hogwarts Legacy News & Info: Release Date, New Trailer & Everything We Know So Far!
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The trailer should include concrete gameplay scenes and put the capabilities of the player characters in the foreground. Further details are not known to Accountnt to the Open World Title and although he points to the fact that one should take his statements “Cum Grano Salis”, the information covers at least with other rumors.

We therefore consider it probably that we will see more of Hogwarts Legacy in a few weeks. Among other things, a PlayStation event would make sense, because Sony is due to Microsoft due to the purchase of Activision Blizzard by Microsoft **. In any case, Hogwarts Legacy could prove to be a potential draft horse in this context.

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