Wck, the official season begins on the 21st Guangdong Prix

[Eye News 24 Park Ye Jin reporter] The first official season of Wild Rift Champions Korea (WCHK) opens 21 days.

Riot Games is a Mobile Games’ League of Legend: Wild Lift Champions Korea Spring, which utilizes League of Legend Intellectual Property Rights, “Wild Lift Champions Korea Spring” I announced that I will enter the competition between 2 months.

The competition is held in Roll Park, located in the Grand Prize, Seoul, Seoul,

The regular league will be held on Rol Park, a thoroughly compliance with the government’s defense of the government’s defense guidelines for every Monday and Tuesday afternoon from February 21 to April 11th. Tickets can be purchased from Interpark and are 3,000 won per day.

A total of six teams such as team GP and team crescents, including four professional teams including Rollaster Y, T1, Guangdong Prix, and rib sandboxes. The regular league opens two games a day in a double round robin method, and the game is 3 all 2 leaders. One team digs 10 games, and a total of 30 games are held.

The regular league is finished on April 11 and the top four teams enter playoffs. On April 16, the 17th, 4th, April 23, 3-4 Phase, and the finals will be held on April 24. The playoffs are 5 pre-leading 4-river single-elemented eliminations, and the finals are proceeded to 7 pre-leading prestigities.

4K SEOUL WALK - Korea's Most beautiful, famous, crowded cherry blossom road ????Yeouido Yoonjung-ro.

The relay participates in Seung Seung Seon Casters, Kim Dong-joon Commentary, and Lee Jung-hyun, and Yoon Soo Bin Announcer.

In addition, with this, Park Jin-young joined Casters and Committee, respectively, with WCK, respectively. ‘Gorilla’ Kangbong, ‘Horror’ Kim Hyo-jae will be crossed through analysis desk and commentary on WCK period. ‘Kuro’ is active as an analysis member.

The total prize of the 2022 WCK Spring is 100 million won, and the winning team is 30 million won for the winning team, 30 million won, 3rd largest for the 3rd round of the third, do.

The 2022 WCK Spring Championship team will be eligible to enter Korea’s representative to the Wild Lift Icons Global Championship, the Wild Lift Icons Global Championship, which is held in Europe in June. The Icons Global Championships include Korea, including Korea, Japan, Southeast Asia, Europe, Middle East, Africa, Southeast Asia, Europe, Middle East, Africa, North America, Brazil, and Latin America, and each regional spring championship team is directly on group stage.

The 2022 WCK Spring can be watched in a live system on the LCK twitch channel, including Africa TV, Twitch, YouTube, Naver.

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