Steam boss Habe Newell explains banishment of NFT

You certainly remind you of how the hype about NFTs and Blockchain technologies in Games recorded in 2021 ride. First that was just a theme for niche games and experiments . But then more and more AAA publishers have their interest , and from Ubisoft there was even a platform , over which you want to sell Fortan NFTs.

Strong front against NFTs

After Steam's Ban of NFT Games, Gabe Newell Condemns Sketchy Blockchain & Metaverse Scams

However, Hype, however, found its origin, above all, in the stakeholders, which would like to benefit from the NFTS and blockchain opportunities financially enormously. Very much less enthusiastically showed numerous gamers, who destroyed the NFT plans of some companies with their clear feedback (Example 1, Example 2, Example 3). But many developers also spoke against the crypto gaming (Example 1, Example 2, Example 3, Example 4).

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The first clear sign against NFTs put the Steam officers. In October 2021 , they changed Extra the SteamWorks documentation , which has always been clearly regulating which prerequisites Publisher and developers must fulfill so they may offer their games on Valves distribution platform Steam. This documentation has been extended by the following item: _ “Applications Built On Blockchain Technology That Issue Or Allow Exchange of Cryptocurrencies Or Nfts._”

Steam boss explains banishment of the NFT games

In an interview with Eurogamer Steam boss spoke newell recently about this adaptation of the documentation and the resulting banishment of all crypto games from the popular distribution platform (via Eurogamer). In his opinion, the blockchain technology offers tremendous potential, but this is currently used wrong. She is uncertain, it happens a lot of dubious stuff, behind the scenes run illegal things. You do not want to do anything about that.

Also from crypto currencies, Newell does not last much. “50 percent of the transactions paid in crypto currency were fraudulent, right? If you look at that, then that’s bad. And the volatility of the crypto courses meant that people had no idea what price they actually paid. Yes, they were on one Krypto currency bound, but the wages of most people are not created in crypto feeds.

If you turn around 99 cents for a product on one day and the next day is $ 498, then that’s just not a good method, so the Steam boss continues. The users are angry, and people who work in the field of crypto currencies are from Newell’s view “Keine good actors.

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