The Pikachu Special Pack is worth

As with other free games, Pokémon Café Mix offers microTransactions to help you get the most resources for the game. Each pack has its own specialty, but the Pikachu special pack is the only one (so far) that gives you A Pokémon to buy it. The pack is priced at $ 3.99. Let’s see what you get to decide if it’s worth the investment.

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[Pokemon Cafe Mix] Episode 3 - Paid Items + Special Pikachu Pack
The big draw of this pack is that in return you receive a pikachu
to be a leader in your team. This can be bought immediately when you start the
Game, so you can quickly replace Eevee by Pikachu. This pikachu is specialized in

In addition to Pikachu, you will also receive 4,900 glands of gold
which can be used to develop your business or recruit Pokémon in your team if they
have enough stars. You also receive three horizontal megaphone and three verticals
decision makers and three skills and bonuses.

It is important to mention that there is also a way to unlock another
Pikachu for free, but you must connect for five consecutive days during the big

Opening celebration. Moreover, there are other microtransactions in the game that
Allow you to buy different amounts of gold acorns and other items.

We recommend that you try the game a bit before deciding if you are going to buy one of the microTransaction packs. If you go through some puzzles and decide that you really like touch gameplay and want a pikachu for your team, go ahead and buy the Pikachu Special Pack. It is pretty cheap and can provide you with valuable objects for later in the game. At the end of the day, it’s up to you to decide if the pack is $ 3.99 or not, but we recommend you from you Ensure that you appreciate the game first. If all you want, it’s a pikachu, you should probably follow the steps to unlock it during the large opening ceremony.

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