NCsoft, Global ESG ESG Esg Domestic Platform ∙ ESG Risk Among Games Companies,

NCsoft (CEO Kim Taek, Lee EN) was evaluated from the global ESG (environmental, social, governance) evaluation agency from the national platform? The ESG risk of the game company was the lowest of the game companies.

The NC (NC) received the ‘low (low) risk rating’ from 12.2 to 12.2 in the ‘ESG Risk Rating’, which announced that the global ESG evaluation agency ‘sustainalytics’ released in March 2022. The evaluation agency classification is a score corresponding to the top 1% in the global software and service industries.

12.2 is the largest score of the domestic platform included in the survey, the lowest score of the game industry, and among 53 global game companies, it is the second lowest in the US EA (Electronic Arts, Electronic Arts).

The ESG risk rating measures the impact of ESG risks on corporate financial value, and the lower scores, the lower the esg risk of the enterprise.

Sustaine is a Global ESG evaluation agency with high international journal strength with Morgan Stanley Capital International (MSCI). We provide ESG evaluation results of 14,000 companies around the world.

Sustaine Tentics has evaluated the management capabilities of the ESG (NC) of ESG (NC) (NC) ▶ Privacy and Information Security ▶ The ability to manage the human resource development area. In particular, the Privacy and Information Security of the NC (NC) is the global top 1% of its global and external security regular audits ▶ Obtained the International Standard Information Protection Certification ISO27001 ▶ We have analyzed the top management system such as employees security education.

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The NC (NC) has obtained the A grade in the ESG evaluation, such as ‘MSCI ESG Rating’, and the ‘MSCI ESG Rating’, and the Korean Corporate Governance (KCGS) ESG evaluation.

“The PRincipal Corporate Brand Officer (NC), PBO (Principal Corporate Brand Offer), said,” It was an excellent evaluation in terms of risk management, “and” this year, environmental management, AI ethics, future generations (NC) I will pursue the authentic ESG management activities of only. “

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