Harajin Ver.3.0 Patch Note released! Adjustment of resonance effects of water and thunder elements, and improvements of the mobile system such as Mona Dash

HOYOVERSE has released a patch note on the ver.3.0 update Thousand Roses to Inn Dawn of the open world RPG Harajin for PS5/PS4/smartphone/PC.

There are some adjustments and improvements for the first time, such as opening Smile, new characters, and prayers. For example, on the team formation screen, the number of teams that can be set in advance has increased to 10. You can prepare a richer team in response to elemental gimmicks and unexplored areas.

In addition, as a team-related, new information is also available for element resonance. With the appearance of the grass element character, the grass-based resonance effect vine grass will be added. The effect is elementary familiarity +50. When the combustion, raw intensification, and flowering reactions are activated, the elements of all surrounding teams +30 (6 seconds of duration). When the super intense, grassy, super flowering, and floral reactions are activated, it is an element-familiarity +20 (6 seconds of duration) of all surrounding teams.

In addition, the water element resonance effect water of treatment and the thunder element resonance effect Lightning of strong power are adjusted. Water of treatment is a continuation time of the effect of the flame original element, and the upper limit of HP is+25%. Lightning of power is-40%of the mizumoto adhesion. When a superconducting, overload, electric shock, raw intensification, super-blooming reaction occurs, a 100%probability will be generated (cool time 5 seconds).

In addition, Ayaka Kamisato, Mona, Souzu, Yuran, etc. high-speed movement systems, Fishuru, and Yaikami, and other special movement systems, have improved the experience of complex terrain. The attraction effect, which is often found in wind element characters, adjusts the pulling range to an object in the vertical direction, twice the horizontal range.

In detail, the sound effects when the character defeats the enemy and the character activates the criticality. In multiplayer, you will be able to hear a new voice of Friends HP when the team member’s HP is low.


In addition, some enemies were adjusted, character voice improvement, effect improvement, etc. were notified. For the full text, please check the official website Ver.3.0 Thousands of Roses to Tell the Dawn version upgrade.

Ver.3.0 Thousand Roses that tell the dawn will be distributed on August 24. Maintenance of about 5 hours from 7:00 for the same day will be implemented. In addition, pre-downloads have also been started on the smartphone/PC version.

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