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How to Get The Best Level 80 Solo Gear in SWTOR?

Star Wars: The Old Republic 7.1 has been an exciting update for solo players, as it has opened up new ways to get some of the best gear in the game. With this guide, I'll be teaching you the fastest and easiest way to get the best gear available to solo players. By following this step-by-step guide, you'll be able to get an almost full set of 330 blue gear for all of your characters on your server.


How to Get The Best Level 80 Solo Gear in SWTOR?

The first step is to pick up the Technological Advancements quest from the Big Blue Twilight Quest Giver in the Supply Section of the Fleet. This will eventually allow you to buy some of the best implants in the game.

The second step is to complete a Conquest. This is a weekly set of rotating objectives that require you to earn 100,000 SWTOR Credits within the week. By completing a Conquest at level 80, you'll be able to get enough in-game currency to purchase your first basic level 80 gear set.

The third step is to purchase a basic gear set from the Conquest Gear Vendor. This should include one of each armor piece, a main hand, an offhand, two yellow-colored implants, a yellow earpiece, and two different red relics.

The fourth step is to equip a low-level earpiece. This earpiece must not be for level 80 characters. The easiest place to get a low-level earpiece is on the planet of Oasis from the Gear Vendor. This earpiece will be used to trick a flashpoint into giving a slightly better gear than it would normally.

The fifth step is to solo a Veteran Flashpoint. Veteran Flashpoints are group content designed for four players but can be done solo with a companion with a bit of practice. For this guide, we will be running Red Reaper in Veteran mode. As long as you have your low-level earpiece equipped, the boss will guarantee a drop of a blue earpiece.

The sixth step is to run about 20 more Veteran Flashpoints. You will keep your low-level earpiece equipped and anytime you defeat a boss, you'll get a type of currency called FP-1 Stabilizers. You can deconstruct the extra earpieces you get by clicking the broken lightsaber icon in your inventory.

The seventh step is to upgrade your blue piece. You'll be bringing your blue earpiece to the Flashpoint Gear Upgrades Vendor in the Supply Section of the Fleet. You'll need a large pile of FP-1 Stabilizers, a small pile of Daily Resource Matrices, and some credits to upgrade that blue earpiece.

The eighth step is to obtain an overall item rating of 324. You need to reach a total of 324 which can include that blue earpiece when it is equipped. You can upgrade your gear with Conquest Commendations, running dailies, and heroics, or upgrade blue gear using Flashpoint currency.

The ninth step is to unlock, Hide and Seek. Once you have an overall item rating of 324 and have your blue 330 earpieces, you can unlock Hide and Seek and complete your quest.

The tenth step is to create your new armor set. Start by getting and equipping a full set of empty moddable gear (weapon and offhand). Then, equip your relics, earpiece, and most importantly, your legendary implants. Work on reaching 110 accuracies and just over 2000 alacrity. Buy seven of the red armoring, the versatile armoring 100 for each of your armor pieces and then the hilts, barrels, arm rings you need for your weapon and offhand. Buy nine of the red mods, the lethal mod 100, and one for each of your moddable pieces.


By following these steps, you'll be able to get some of the best gear in the game and by far the best gear that solo players can get in the current expansion. Once you have this gear, you can send it to your other characters or buy the modifications and enhancements and send them over. By playing group content, you can get better gear faster, so if you want the absolute best gear, consider playing group content. Good luck and may the Force be with you!

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