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How to Level Up Quickly in Star Wars: The Old Republic?

Star Wars: The Old Republic is an amazing game with plenty of content to explore and enjoy. Leveling up in Star Wars: The Old Republic can be a daunting task, especially if you want to get to the higher levels quickly. Fortunately, there are a variety of tricks and tips that can help you level up faster and smoother. In this article, LOLTANK will go over some of the best methods for leveling quickly in SWTOR.


How to Level Up Quickly in Star Wars: The Old Republic?


Purple quests

Try to focus on completing only the purple quests. These are your class quests, main planetary quests and main expansion quests. These will reward much more experience than side quests, so try to focus on these.


Get a speeder as soon as possible

As a subscriber, you can get a speeder at level 10, or as a free-to-play player at level 25. You can also buy the Improved Speeder Piloting item from the GTN or the Character Perk of the same name from the Legacy Panel, which costs 40,000 credits and requires only a legacy level of 2.


Improved Mounting

Get the Improved Mounting unlock from the Legacy Panel. This requires a legacy level of 8 and costs two million SWTOR credits, but it allows you to mount while running, so you don't have to stand still and summon your mount while questing. 


Rocket Boost unlock

Get the Rocket Boost unlock. This costs two million credits after reaching Legacy level 8, or 400 Cartel Coins, and is legacy wide for all your characters. It allows you to move quickly indoors, so you can save time. 


Unlock Legacy Travel

This is a legacy wide unlock found in the Other tab of your Legacy Panel which reduces your quick travel time down to 0. This can cost up to 600,000 credits but is worth it for both high and low-level characters. 


Unlock companions early

HK-51 and Treek are the two companions that can be unlocked as early as level one. HK-51 can be earned through a long series of quests that start on Section X, and Treek can be unlocked through collections once you have 10 cartel coins. Once you unlock HK-51 for the first time through the quests, you can then pay 1 million credits or 350 cartel coins to auto-unlock him on each of your additional characters.


You can also boost your companion by using a compendium. This will level your companion to influence level 50 automatically and can be purchased from the cartel market. Alternatively, you can purchase a Darth Malgus or Assajj Ventress Hollow Statue from the fleet’s Strongholds section for 3 dark projects and 4.25 billion credits.


Purchase a portable trainer or vendor

The Field Repair Droid can be purchased in the character perks for 50,000 credits and acts as a portable vendor. Alternatively, you can purchase a Reven Hollow Statue, which acts as a portable vendor and fender. You can also purchase a portable bank or stronghold for all your characters for as little as 5,000 credits. This will allow you to quickly dump any items or gear you pick up along the way into your bank without having to leave your quests area.


Joining a guild

Joining a guild can also be beneficial, as it will give you a 5% or 10% XP boost depending on the size of the guild. Subscribers also automatically receive 20% more XP than free-to-play players and preferred players after level 20. You can also use XP boost items to help you level quickly. These items can be purchased from the GTN or from the cartel market and will give you a 25% XP boost.


Unlock improved XP boosts

You can also unlock improved XP boosts in your legacy at legacy level 2 or higher. These perks are per character and are not legacy wide, and will boost your XP in a variety of categories by 6% more at each level.


Outlander Token or Master's Datacron

Finally, you can use an Outlander Token or Master's Datacron to quickly get a high-level character. An Outlander Token will let you create a character that starts at a high level, while a Master's Datacron can be used on an existing character to boost them to a high level without affecting your storyline progress. All subscribers get a free Outlander Token the first time they subscribe.


These are just some of the tips and tricks that can help you level up quickly in SWTOR. By following these tips, you'll be able to level up quickly and smoothly and enjoy the class story without any distractions.

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