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The Haligtree Set is a set of armor in the upcoming action RPG game Elden Ring. It is one of the few sets of armor in the game which is made up of three pieces, the Haligtree Mask, the Haligtree Vest and the Haligtree Greaves.

The Haligtree Set is a medium armor set which provides moderate protection against physical damage and magical attacks. It also grants additional resistances to wind and poison damage. The set also grants the wearer a special ability which allows them to temporarily increase their movement speed. This can be useful in a number of situations, such as when fleeing from enemies or chasing down targets.

The Haligtree Set is a great choice for players looking for good all-around protection and mobility. The set is especially useful for players who are looking for a balance between offense and defense. The set also looks great, with its bright blue and white colors.

In terms of tips for using the Haligtree Set, players should focus on using the set's special ability to gain an advantage in combat. The increased movement speed can be used to quickly flank enemies or to escape from dangerous situations. Additionally, the wind and poison resistances provided by the set can be useful for avoiding or mitigating damage from these types of attacks. Finally, the set's moderate protection can be used to help defend against physical and magical attacks.
Haligtree Set
Dmg Negation
Phy 25.3
VS Strike 24.4
VS Slash 23.3
VS Pierce 25.3
Magic 18.6
Fire 20.3
Ligt 15.9
Holy 20.3
Immunity 75
Robustness 129
Focus 64
Vitality 57
Poise 43

Armor Set 24.7 Weight

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