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The Lazuli Sorcerer Set is a unique and powerful set of armor found in Elden Ring. This armor set is crafted from the rare and powerful Lazuli ore, and provides its wearer with increased magical power and enhanced elemental defense. It is obtained by completing the “Lazuli Sorcerer” questline, which is found in the “Lazulite” area of the game.

The Lazuli Sorcerer set consists of the Lazuli Sorcerer's Mask, the Lazuli Sorcerer's Robe, the Lazuli Sorcerer's Belt, and the Lazuli Sorcerer's Shoes. Each piece of the set grants increased magical power and elemental defense, and when worn together, they provide even greater protection.

When using the Lazuli Sorcerer set, it is important to note that it provides the most protection when used against magical attacks and elemental damage. Against physical damage, the set will not provide as much protection, so it is important to switch to a different set of armor when facing physical attacks.

It is also important to note that, while the Lazuli Sorcerer set provides great protection against magical attacks and elemental damage, it does not provide any additional effects such as increased health or magical regeneration. As such, it is important to supplement the Lazuli Sorcerer set with other pieces of armor or effects in order to gain the most benefit from it.

Finally, it is important to note that the Lazuli Sorcerer set has a high enchantability rating, meaning that it can be enchanted to add further magical and elemental defense. As such, it is important to take advantage of this enchantability when using the Lazuli Sorcerer set.
Lazuli Sorcerer Set
Dmg Negation
Phy 12.4
VS Strike 14.7
VS Slash 12.8
VS Pierce 7.7
Magic 25.7
Fire 24.8
Ligt 23.4
Holy 24.5
Immunity 95
Robustness 55
Focus 137
Vitality 130
Poise 17

Armor Set 12.3 Weight

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