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The Maliketh's Set is a set of armor and weapons from the upcoming game Elden Ring. It is believed to be the personal set of Maliketh, the leader of the Draconids, an ancient order of dragon worshippers. The set is crafted from the finest materials and is said to be imbued with the power of dragons.

The set consists of a helmet, chest plate, shoulder guards, gauntlets, and boots. The helmet features a large dragon-like crest, and the chest plate is made of a dragon scale-like material. The shoulder guards provide protection from physical attacks, and the gauntlets and boots offer increased mobility.

The Maliketh's Set is said to be incredibly powerful and will provide its wearer with great protection and power. Those who wear the set are said to be blessed with the power of dragons, and will be able to call upon the power of dragons in battle.

In order to make the most of the Maliketh's Set, it is important to take the time to master its various pieces. As the set is crafted from the finest materials, it is important to equip the pieces properly and make sure that they are properly maintained. Additionally, the set works best when used in combination with other powerful pieces of armor and weaponry.

Finally, it is important to note that the Maliketh's Set is only available in Elden Ring. As such, obtaining the set will require players to explore and discover the game's various dungeons and locations. With a little patience and dedication, players should eventually be able to acquire the powerful set.
Maliketh's Set
Dmg Negation
Phy 26.5
VS Strike 23.6
VS Slash 27.5
VS Pierce 26.5
Magic 21.7
Fire 22.6
Ligt 19.2
Holy 25.4
Immunity 84
Robustness 135
Focus 57
Vitality 120
Poise 51

Armor Set 30.5 Weight

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20 Feb
5 / 5

I was skeptical doing this as my Son wanted MALIKETH'S SET for Elden Ring 15 desperately, so I gave Loltank go and was relieved to see 999,000 MALIKETH'S SET was put into his Elden Ring a/c within the hour!

08 Feb
5 / 5

Love Loltank MALIKETH'S SET!!!

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