League of Legends: Wild Rift Newbie Tips

There are many differences from the PC side in the League of Legends mobile game, so what should mobile game players pay attention to on the battlefield? Let’s take a look at novices’ practical skills. Understanding the game HerosThe League of Legends mobile game is a 5v5 confrontation game. Therefore, […]

League of Legends mobile novice Mission

League of Legends Mobile Games novice benefits, LOL mobile game novice tutorial tasks complete, you can get 1800 points of blue essence after completion! Let’s take a look! First, take everyone to find the location of this task. It is still the familiar game login interface and the active taskbar […]

Is LOL Mobile EZ three-phase or ice fist?

In LOL Mobile, EZ is one of the absolute killers in the mid-to-low-end game in the open server version, and many players even think that if one lineup gathers EZ robots, basically the game will be won. However, for different players, even the same powerful heroes, differences in outfits and […]