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28 Sep
2 / 5

It would have been much better if you were trade offering the specific amount of Gold each customer wants because EA is killing us with that 5% especially if you order a big amount of Gold

25 Sep
5 / 5

Livery in 10 sec.

23 Sep
5 / 5

Quick Gold and legit!

23 Sep
5 / 5

Fast Palia Gold and easy

20 Sep
5 / 5

As advertised great speedy delivery :)

What is Palia?

If you're a fan of open-world games that offer a sense of freedom and immerse you in captivating narratives, then Palia is a game that should be on your radar. In video games, the allure of stepping into a new world and carving your own path is an experience unlike any other. Palia, developed by Singularity 6, presents a cosy open-world MMO that invites players to embrace an unfamiliar yet enchanting landscape. Let's take a closer look at what makes Palia a standout in gaming.


Discovering palia's Unique Universe

Palia invites you to embark on an extraordinary journey in a fantasy world where humans are an uncommon sight. As you arrive in the charming Kalama Village (or Kalima Village, depending on your perspective), you'll find yourself in a narrative crafted with intrigue and depth. The protagonist's rebirth sets the stage for a captivating exploration into the history of humans and their connection to this enigmatic realm.


The Role of Gina and the Majori

At the heart of this journey lies Gina, a scientist who holds the key to unraveling the mystery behind the humans' disappearance. However, before delving into the secrets of the past, you must first acquaint yourself with the Majori – a race of elf-like inhabitants of Palia's magical world. The Majori play an integral role in guiding you through your newfound existence in the village.


Forging Bonds and Crafting a Home

As a newcomer to Kalama Village, your path involves not only embarking on quests and adventures but also integrating into the community. From assisting villagers with their requests to building relationships and even engaging in romances, your interactions shape the course of your journey. Furthermore, the game grants you your own housing plot, a canvas you can expand and customize as you see fit.


Skills and Progression

One of Palia's standout features is its skill-based progression system. Engaging in activities such as fishing, mining, cooking, gardening, and more allows you to improve your skills. As you hone your abilities, new opportunities unlock – including crafting gliders and tools from basic to pearlium tiers. This adds a layer of strategy and choice to how you navigate the world and its challenges.


Multiplayer Dynamics

Palia seamlessly integrates multiplayer aspects into its open world. You can form parties, create communities, and enjoy the camaraderie of adventuring with friends. The instance-based servers, accommodating up to 25 players, ensure that you encounter fellow players naturally as you explore new areas. Collaborating with others becomes essential for certain activities, such as cutting down flow trees for crafting pearlium tools.

What is Palia Gold?

Within the captivating realm of Palia, Gold takes centre stage as the primary currency, holding power to unlock countless opportunities. This precious resource fuels your journey, making every game aspect more accessible and enjoyable. From enhancing your weaponry and tools to acquiring essential items and even facilitating swift travel across Palia's breathtaking landscapes, the importance of Gold cannot be overstated.

As your stockpile of Gold grows, so does your ability to shape your adventure. Whether you're striving to elevate your gear, enrich your inventory, or traverse the expansive world with ease, Gold serves as the ultimate facilitator. 


The Ultimate Palia Gold-Making Guide

Having a deep pocket in Palia Gold is crucial for upgrading your backpack and unlocking blueprints. So, let's dive into the most effective ways to rake in gold quickly while optimizing your gameplay experience.


Fishing for Fortunes

First on our journey to riches is fishing. A classic and efficient method, especially as you progress through the game. Equip those Exquisite rods, forget about bubbers, and embrace the glow worms. It's not about where you fish, but rather how you fish. Glow worms are your key to hooking high-value catches.


The Sonic Hunt

Brace yourselves for the excitement of Cernic hunting. Not only is this a blast, but it's also a top-tier money-maker. With some standard arrows and a trusty bow, venture to Whispering Banks and start the hunt. Don't worry if you're not alone – you can still rake in the gold. In just 30 minutes, you'll be rolling in riches.


Gardening Goldmine

Now, let's talk about the unsung hero of passive income – gardening. Plant those Star Quality tomatoes and watch the gold flow in while you're gallivanting through the wilderness. You'll have enough tomatoes to support your glow worm farms and more. Remember, patience is key – these bountiful crops take a little time to grow.


Cooking Up Cash

Get ready for the ultimate money-making cooking party. Team up with a friend, gather the ingredients, and whip up some Veggie Fried Rice. With efficient teamwork, you can cook up a storm, and the rewards will pour in. This is a fantastic method for those who prefer a more relaxed approach to wealth accumulation.

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