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Credits serve as the backbone of the in-game economy in Starfield. Buy Starfield Credits with Cheap Prices, Instant Delivery and 7x24 Friendly Service at LOLTANK to Help you Enjoy Starfield.

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20 Sep
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Well i ordered 1m Credits on Starfield and i only got 950k and i checked if i got hacked or anything but Loltank didn't look like it. And Loltank was quite odd because my player sold for 1m but i only got 950k.

19 Sep
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Thank you so much, the process was Loltank simple and delivery fast!!!

18 Sep
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No problems, after a while when i rememberd the sites name Loltank took me 1 minute to complete my order and enter the Credits on my xbox.

17 Sep
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Easy, Quick Starfield Credits ans without any hassle.

15 Sep
5 / 5

Only giving a 4 star because when i had purchased my order (steam Credits) they emailed me saying they wanted to “webcam chat” with me to verify Loltank was a real purchase. This made me feel very uncomfortable and i complained.

What is Starfield?

Starfield is set 300 years in the future, precisely in the year 2330, within the Milky Way galaxy. Contrary to what some might think, Starfield doesn't venture far beyond our own galactic neighborhood. It focuses on an area that extends about 50 years from our solar system, making planets like Mars a central part of the experience.


Companions Aplenty

Following the tradition of previous Bethesda RPGs, Starfield will offer a robust companion system. The developers disclosed that players will have the opportunity to connect with more than 20 named characters who can join them on their epic interstellar odyssey. While the names of these companions remain a mystery for now, the Q&A revealed that four of them will be members of the "constellation."


Minimize Violence with Speech Challenges

If you're keen on pursuing a pacifist playthrough in Starfield, it's worth noting that a purely non-violent approach might not be entirely feasible. While some missions could necessitate engaging in conflict with NPCs, Bethesda has introduced "speech challenges" to enable players to navigate the game with minimal bloodshed. Employ your silver tongue to persuade foes not to engage in combat, providing an alternative path through the story.


Space Real Estate Ventures

Adding a touch of realism to the sci-fi world, Starfield enables players to acquire property in major cities. With your in-game currency, known as "space bucks," you can acquire luxurious homes that even the Jetsons would envy. Completing specific challenges might also grant you these futuristic abodes, offering players a sense of investment in the game's universe.


Jail Time or Space Outlaw

The prison system in Starfield adds an immersive layer to the gameplay. Similar to Skyrim, players may find themselves incarcerated for their transgressions. However, what sets Starfield apart is the choice it affords players when faced with imprisonment. You can either pay a fine, serve time in jail, or adopt the life of a space outlaw, evading the watchful eyes of extraterrestrial law enforcement.

What is Starfield Credits?

In the upcoming space-adventure RPG Starfield by Bethesda Game Studios, credits will play a pivotal role as the primary in-game currency. Similar to other iconic currencies like septims and bottlecaps in previous games, credits are essential for traversing the Settled Systems and facilitating various transactions and acquisitions. 


Why Starfield Credits is Important?

Credits serve as the backbone of the in-game economy in Starfield. They hold crucial value in a multitude of in-game scenarios, including:

  • Purchasing Gear: Whether it's new weapons or armor, credits are the means by which you acquire better equipment to enhance your prowess in the game's challenging environments.
  • Upgrading and Modifying Gear: Credits enable you to enhance your gear through upgrades and modifications, tailoring your equipment to suit your unique playstyle and tactical preferences.
  • Resource and Material Acquisition: You can use credits to procure essential resources and materials necessary for crafting, building, and improving your inventory.
  • Starship Investment: In the vast expanse of Starfield's universe, acquiring and maintaining starships is pivotal. Credits facilitate the purchase of new starships or essential components to upgrade your existing ones.
  • Dining and Refreshments: Exploration and adventure can be exhausting. At various establishments across the galaxy, you can spend credits to indulge in fine dining and refreshing beverages.
  • Crew Recruitment: Credits offer the means to hire competent crew members who can accompany you on your interstellar journey, contributing their skills and expertise.
  • Equipment and Starship Repairs: The rigors of space travel inevitably lead to wear and tear. Credits are essential for repairing damaged equipment and starships to keep them in optimal condition.
  • Debt Repayment: For players who chose the Dream Home trait during character creation, credits can be used to pay off debts such as mortgages, allowing you to maintain financial stability.
  • Bribery (Potential Feature): Although not officially confirmed, previous Bethesda RPGs have included bribery mechanics, allowing players to use credits to influence certain outcomes or decisions.

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