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What is WotLK Classic?

Wrath of the Lich King Classic (shortened as Wotlk Classic or Wrath Classic) was released on September 26th, 2022, with its pre-patch having arrived on the weekly reset of August 30th, 2022. Classic WotLK is currently expected to have 5 Phases along with a pre-patch period.  Each phase typically introduces new raids, dungeons, and other content for players to explore and conquer. Additional content might also be included in some phases, like extra dungeons or quests related to the main raids.


Phase Raid/Dungeon Additional Content
Phase 1 Naxxramas Eye of Eternity, Obsidian Sanctum
Phase 2 Ulduar  
Phase 3 Trial of the Crusader Onyxia's Lair, Argent Tournament
Phase 4 Icecrown Citadel Additional Heroic Dungeons
Phase 5 Ruby Sanctum  


With the entire Classic series of World of Warcraft launches, Blizzard is trying to both create new and exciting experiences but also tap into that authentic and nostalgic launch of the original World of Warcraft that was released in 2004. Existing TBC Classic characters are automatically transferred to WotLK Classic, with no option to remain in the old expansion. Additionally, players in the Season of Mastery in WoW Classic can choose to move their characters to WotLK Classic after the Season concludes.


Wrath of the Lich King Classic follows the class balancing of the final patch (3.4) of the original expansion. It introduces the Death Knight class as a hero class with three specializations. A new profession, Inscription, allows players to create combat-enhancing Glyphs and more. Character service changes include appearance options at barbershops and a character boost to level 80. PvP rating is now individual-based, and the Dungeon Finder system has been removed to encourage social interaction. Raid lockouts are adjusted, and loot tables for Heroic Dungeons and older raids are improved to keep them relevant. 

What is WotLK Classic Gold?

Gold is the lifeblood and Primary Currency of WotLK Classic, and having a solid gold farming strategy is crucial for achieving success in the game. Whether you're saving up for that epic mount, the best gear, or just seeking to enhance your in-game experience, WotLK Classic Gold is your ultimate resource for achieving your financial goals in WotLK Classic.


How to Obtain Gold in WotLK Classic?

WotLK Classic Gold Farming Strategies:

  • Herbalism: Flying around the world gathering herbs can be a lucrative gold farming method. Keep an eye on the market, as herb prices fluctuate like seasons. Focus on high-demand herbs in Sholazar Basin and Storm Peaks.
  • Mining: While less profitable than before, mining can still be a great secondary profession if you pair it with Herbalism. Ores and gems are always in demand, and certain locations in Outland might yield better results than Northrend.
  • Skinning: Skinning has seen an increase in value lately, especially if you target special types of leather like Nerubian Chitin. Consider farming Gun'drak Hatchlings, which offer both valuable battle pets and leather.
  • Raw Gold: Although it may not yield the highest gold per hour, raw gold farming requires no selling or market considerations. You can farm for an hour or two and have gold in hand to spend as you wish.
  • TBC Dungeons & Farms: Pay attention to the potential of farming old content materials. With many players levelling new characters and professions, there's a demand for Outland materials. Mining and Herbalism can also be lucrative while farming TBC Dungeons.
  • Battle Pets: Selling high-value battle pets can provide a steady source of income. While they may not sell quickly, they are a valuable addition to your overall gold-making strategy.


WotLK Classic Gold Making Strategies:

  • Investments: Invest your gold in items you believe will increase in value over time. Research and predict market trends to maximize your gains. Keep in mind that Blizzard can introduce changes that might affect your investments.
  • Jewelcrafting Prospecting: The Saronite Shuffle remains an effective gold-making method—Prospect Saronite Ore for valuable gems. While gem prices have decreased, so have ore prices, making this method still viable.
  • Jewelcrafting Daily Quests: This is a quick and easy way to earn gold daily. Complete the quests for flat gold rewards and Dragon's Eye, which can be sold for additional profit.
  • Cooking Daily Quests: Similar to Jewelcrafting quests, these provide easy gold on a daily basis. Having both Jewelcrafting and Cooking on the same character can maximize your earnings.
  • Regular Daily Quests: Optimize your route and complete regular daily quests for a steady stream of raw gold. This method allows you to skip the hassle of finding buyers for materials.
  • Alchemy Transmutes: Although not available initially, setting up an Alchemy Transmuting Alt Army can be profitable in later phases. Start preparing now while herb prices are low.
  • Farm Honor & Emblems: Stockpile Honor and Emblems, as you can buy Epic Gems in Phase 3. Capitalize on this opportunity and turn your currencies into gold later.
  • Levelling to 80: Farm gold while levelling to 80 through dungeons, mob farming, or battlegrounds. Complete all quests at max level for increased gold rewards.

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