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  • US: Bloodsail Buccaneers Horde
  • 5 ~ 30 Mins
  • 2000G
  • 4000G
  • 6000G
  • 8000G
  • 10000G
  • 12000G

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25 Feb
4 / 5

Good Gold overall, but there was a slight delay in shipping. Still, the performance makes up for it.

18 Feb
3 / 5

The WotLK Classic Gold I got at LOLTANK is okay. It serves its purpose, but it's not the best option available.

17 Feb
3 / 5

The LOLTANK Gold is alright, but it lacks depth in the storyline. Could be better.

14 Feb
2 / 5

My experience with WotLK Classic Gold was disappointing. It had performance issues, and customer support was unhelpful.

13 Feb
4 / 5

Good value for the price, happy with my WotLK Classic Gold purchase.

08 Feb
2 / 5

It's subpar. Bought WotLK Classic Gold at LOLTANK, and I'm not satisfied with it.

What is WotLK Classic?

On September 26, 2022, Blizzard Entertainment brought back the beloved WoW expansion Wrath of the Lich King in the form of Wrath of Lich King Classic (Wrath Classic or WotLK Classic) that comes in five stages which offer new content such as raids and dungeons. The game combines nostalgia with novelty, enabling TBC Classic characters to use Wrath Classic and Season of Mastery players from WoW Classic to migrate.


Phase Raid/Dungeon Additional Content
Phase 1 Naxxramas The Eye of Eternity & The Obsidian Sanctum
Phase 2 Ulduar  
Phase 3 Trial of the Crusader Onyxia's Lair & Argent Tournament
Phase 4 Icecrown Citadel Additional Heroic Dungeons
Phase 5 Ruby Sanctum  

What is WotLK Classic Gold?

Gold is instrumental in enhancing your gaming experience in WotLK Classic through gathering, crafting and investing. If you want that epic mount, top tier gear or just boost your in-game reputation, gold farming is a must master.


How to Get Gold in WotLK Classic?


Mastering Gold Farming:

Herbalism and Mining: Make sure you go to Sholazar Basin for herbs and Outland for ores and gems.

Skinning: Focus on special leathers like Nerubian Chitin while Gun’Drak hatchlings make a good source.

Raw Gold Farming: A simple way that guarantees instant results without depending on sales market.

Old Dungeon Materials: TBC dungeons are good places to farm mats due to increase of new bloods.

Battle Pets: When sold they take long but bring huge profits.


Boosting Gold:

Smart Investments: Keep an eye on items likely to increase in value.

Jewelcrafting and Cooking Dailies: These easy-to-obtain daily gold sources only require a small effort from players.

Alchemy Alts: Have alchemy alts made for future gains.

Honor & Emblems: Keep them for trading during Phase 3

Level-Up Loot: Earn gold while leveling and more after reaching level 80.

About LOLTANK WotLK Classic Gold

Why You Should Buy WotLK Classic Gold from LOLTANK?

LOLTANK welcomes you where buying WotLK Classic Gold is not just a purchase but a guarantee of speed, safety, and satisfaction. Be it an experienced player or a freshman in the world of Azeroth, LOLTANK has the best offer for your gold needs.


Real Players, Rapid Delivery

We at LOLTANK take pride in sourcing our gold from real players so as to ensure that everyone has a fair and genuine experience with us. We are unbeatable on delivery times – usually less than 15 minutes after confirmation of your payment. The trader only gets paid after you confirm the trade. Looking for WotLK Classic Gold for sale? Look no further.


Fast Delivery

Time is very crucial in the world of Warcraft. That's why we always keep a steady supply of WotLK Classic Gold ready for immediate delivery. Most times, we'll have your gold sent within 5-30mins after confirmation of payment.


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We don't need to tell you how good our reputation is because it speaks for itself. With lots of positive reviews coming from various WotLK Classic players, LOLTANK has stood its ground over time. Our reliability is not just assured but proven over almost one decade trading MMO gold. We go farther by meeting you in-game so that we can capture this moment when we transact thus offering an extra layer of trust.


Just Pricing Policy

Our pricing policy is simple – trust over cheap prices. If at any moment our supplies run out while you make your purchase, be sure to be informed first about this situation. In cases when we have to wait for some more time during which market rate declines, we will add some more gold to compensate this wait period; however, if rates increase then the initial quote remains unchanged.


Private Secure Delivery

Security is paramount in this kind of business. We make discreet in-game interactions to protect your identity. You are advised to put an item in the trading window so as to appear like a balanced trade when making this arrangement. This way it minimizes risks and ensures smooth and safe transaction.


Guaranteed Refunds

Life is unpredictable, just as gaming needs can change. LOLTANK's refund policy is customer-centric – refunds are processed anytime before delivery. No worries, you will get a refund without any problem if the gold has not yet been delivered and you have changed your mind about your pre-order.

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