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22 Sep
5 / 5

Good price, Gold emailed immediately, and Loltank works.

10 Sep
5 / 5

Great company, insanely Fast WOW Classic Gold and reliable

03 Sep
5 / 5

I'm pleased :)

02 Sep
5 / 5

I was attracted to Loltank because of their low price on the LiveSafe Gold, which was about 20% of the McAfee price for renewal. The transaction was very quick and easy and was fulfilled in minutes by their Agent DCD Provider. They sent me a link

31 Aug
5 / 5

Super Fast WOW Classic Gold and uncomplicated delivery for Kaspersky licenses. I would recommend this shop

30 Aug
5 / 5

Love Loltank this Gold collection Gold!

25 Aug
5 / 5

The transaction was smooth and easy Gold. The platform seems well tested and robust. I will be using them again. Thanks!

22 Aug
5 / 5

Never failed me yet! So far all the purchases I had were delivered and none were scams! I tried other sites but this one was the most trustworthy one of all, Paypal doesn't need to get Gold verified and you don't have to send your "ID" and a picture off y

20 Aug
5 / 5

Using Loltank is great and really affordable compated to the ripoff price EA expects you to pay for WOW Classic points. The one problem I really had was the fact that you don't actually recieve the anount you pay for

17 Aug
5 / 5

It's the first Time I downloaded something not from Steam or UPlay and Loltank was definitly worth it. 1. Good offer of the diffrent WOW Classic. 2. Very Good Explanation how Loltank works. 3. The Price was excellent and I enjoy the WOW Classic

14 Aug
5 / 5

I ordered multiple Sims 3 Expansion Packs and 4/5 worked. However, The Sims 3 Showtime said I required the Sims 3 Starter pack to work but I had the base WOW Classic already and Loltank wouldn’t let me play Loltank on origin.

06 Aug
5 / 5

Gift Loltank and love Loltankd by Granddaughter

03 Aug
5 / 5

I got a fast reply to my Gold was delivered in WOW Classic very fast so I am very happy, in fact I am probably going to purchase from you guys again very soon!

02 Aug
5 / 5

There the most reliable sight for WOW Classic Gold, there easy to contact through emails and live support on the sight

01 Aug
5 / 5

Original-Price at Steam, 40€ and 10€ on Loltank (steam-gift-Gold) and everything worked fine. I am delighted.

31 Jul
5 / 5

Saved over 50% off a steam WOW Classic Gold. No issues at all and received a WOW Classic Gold via email within 5 minutes of my purchase. I would use this service again ?

30 Jul
5 / 5

i got my Gold in half an hour

28 Jul
3 / 5

Order another wrestler and its fun Loltank

27 Jul
5 / 5

I ordered a steam Gold and got Loltank the minute i placed my order working fine for me thanks a lot :)

26 Jul
5 / 5

Purchase process was very easy, WOW Classic Gold and worked with no problems, and WOW Classic is excellent. Very satisfied.

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