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New World Coins are the standard form of currency. Are you looking for where to buy New World Gold Coins? LOLTANK.COM is a reliable New World Coins Sale platform with safe transactions and cheap prices!

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03 Dec
4 / 5

The New World Coins I bought at LOLTANK exceeded my expectations. It performs well, but there were some minor hiccups. Overall, a good purchase.

02 Dec
4 / 5

My experience with LOLTANK has been mostly excellent, but there was a slight delay with my recent New World Coins purchase.

01 Dec
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Every home should have a New World Coins. It's that good!

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I can't believe I got this Coins at such a great price.

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Outstanding Coins NW! The quality is unparalleled, and it's evident that a lot of care went into its Coins NWion. Highly recommend!

What is New World?

New World released by Amazon Games in September 2021, has been the subject of heated debates within the gaming community. In the Game, you can explore Aeternum's immersive world, unique combat, crafting, and skill system.

What is New World Coins?

The gold, called coins, is the cornerstone of the in-game economy in New World. You can use them to acquire items, upgrade equipment, and grow your character.

Trade Post Mastery: Using the Trading Post wisely is key to selling high-demand items at the right time.

Gathering & Crafting: Gather materials, potent potions, and sought-after gear that are in high demand.

Managing Resources: By salvaging unused items for materials rather than buying new ones, you can save a lot of gold.

The Economy Game: Take advantage of the in-game economy by investing in items likely to appreciate in value.

Loot expeditions: Gold can be earned by undertaking expeditions and defeating formidable foes.

Connecting with others: You can benefit from trading or bartering with other players when you build a network of friends and join a guild.


How to Farming Gold?

Whenever you need to upgrade an artifact or spot that must-have item on the trading post, you're often short on gold. 


Banana Tree Bonanza

In the current market, banana tree cutting is a popular method for making gold.

Use your proficiency booster and logging luck gear to get valuable fire moes.


Skinning for Profit

Skinning luck can be enhanced by proficiency boosters, skinning trophies, and skinning luck boost food.

You can collect blue and green poultry items by hunting turkeys across Aeternum.

A trade skill food requires these ingredients, and they cost a lot of gold!


Elite chest runs

Some of the gear from Elite chest runs can be sold for a decent profit, and salvaging legendary gear might give you dark matter.


Herb harvesting

Farming herbs other than Hisop with proficiency boosters and luck gear is profitable and in demand for high-level cooking.


Making Trade Skill Foods

Your gathered herbs and poultry products can be made into attribute foods and trade skill foods, which can greatly increase your gold income.

About LOLTANK New World Coins

To ensure a smooth and secure transaction, we provide clear, concise answers to any questions you might have before buying.


Can You Get Banned for Buying New World Coins?

LOLTANK ensures the safety and legitimacy of our transactions.

Our New World Gold Coins are acquired through secure means, minimizing the risk of any bans or penalties.


Where to Buy Affordable New World Coins?

Visit to get the best deals on New World Coins.

We regularly adjust our prices to reflect the current gaming market.

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When will I receive my New World Coins?

In normal conditions, our dedicated team processes and completes most orders within 5-30 minutes.


Buying New World Coins from LOLTank is safe?

Trusted payment providers and stringent security measures are in place to protect your personal information.

Our New World Gold is 100% manually sourced and 100% legitimate.

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