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New World Coins are the standard form of currency. Are you looking for where to buy New World Gold Coins? LOLTANK.COM is a reliable New World Coins Sale platform with safe transactions and cheap prices!

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21 Apr
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What is New World?

Several debates have taken place among the gaming community around New World by Amazon Games released on September 2021. Aeternum's immersive world, distinctive combat, crafting and skill system can all be found in the game.

What is New World Coins?

New World Currency Called coins or gold, these are the backbone of New World's in-game economy. They help players purchase items, upgrade their equipment and grow their characters.


How to Farming New World Gold Coins?

These include resource gathering, daily missions, dungeon runs, seasonal events and more as ways of earning denominations of gold.


Farming in the DLC Area

Farming hups within the new DLC area is one way you can get started. They are very valuable and will sell fast. You may increase your luck through using appropriate proficiency boosters plus luck items. Hups have different resale values: cinnamon, saffron and dill have theirs. Check price fluctuations in the market so as to maximize profit. For effective mob farming it is necessary to have reached at least level 65 with 650 gear scores.


Quick Gold in Brightwood

Immediately log on and activate fraction missions to take advantage of bonus multiplier for the day. On your journey, make sure you uncover chests and turkeys for extra money-making opportunities. PVP experience and fraction tokens that can be exchanged for gold can also be found under rewards directory. For extra gold check your battle pass rewards.


Raw Gold Daily Activities

Each first three faction missions completed each day result in a great amount of gold. You can aim at corruption breaches or named enemies in Elysium Wilds for additional gold rewards. Any chest you open in-game has a hidden vault with gold inside it though it might not look like one when opened up; but trust me there is 100% chance of finding some sort of valuable item inside it too if not just currency itself sometimes! Some seasonal events like Turkey Boss give out gold at specific times only.


Dungeon Runs

Gather your friends and run low level story mode dungeons together. Each boss drops a significant amount of gold. For maximum gold per hour, Genesis is the fastest dungeon. A number of dungeons you can run per day are limited for maximum gold efficiency.

About LOLTANK New World Coins

Why You Should Buy New World Coins from LOLTANK?

Welcome to LOLTANK, where an exciting boost awaits your adventure in New World. Are you on a quest for New World Coins? Your search ends here! At LOLTANK, we have the authentic coins that are farmed exclusively by real players.


Real Players, Real Coins:

Our dedication to authenticity sets us in a different path from other sellers. Every coin that you buy from LOLTANK is farmed by passionate players resulting into transactions that are more than just buying or selling in game items in nature. Our guarantee to you is nothing but the best!


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Affordability is key in the world of New World Coins. It is not easy to ignore our prices which are very competitive; we take pride in offering them. We ensure you get more for less by adapting with market trends and cutting down our overheads. Whether it's US-east or AP-southeast, your coin goes further with us.


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We respect that your time is precious. With just 15 minutes, our prompt delivery system will ensure that all your New World Coins reach you ASAP! Yes, we mean it – fast and safe right into your mailbox!


Safety First:

At LOLTANK all dealings are protected using high-end security measures since we treasure your trust on us. The security of your account comes first so trade away without any worries.


24/7 Support – We're Here for You:

You have questions. We have answers. Our customer service representatives work around the clock to help you. We want to make sure your journey through New World is nice and easy.


Refund Policy without Any Hassle:

It is important for us that you are satisfied with our services. If things don't go the way you want them to, we have a straightforward refund policy that will protect your interests. You just need to contact us within 12 hours, and we will correct it accordingly.

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