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03 Oct
4 / 5

Great D4 value & fun Loltank

02 Oct
5 / 5

Very quick delivery under a minute, and cd Elixir of Shadow Resistance worked great

02 Oct
5 / 5

I ordered what I thought was a ps4 D4 however, I had bought a Elixir of Resourcefulness by mistake and when I explained the situation the company helped me and resolved the situation by way of a refund. A good online company to trust

02 Oct
5 / 5

really Elixir of Fortitude fast and 0 problems,excellent

01 Oct
3 / 5

Multilingual Elixir of Magic Resist but not a favorite Loltank

What is Diablo 4 Elixirs?

In Diablo 4, items play a crucial role in the gameplay experience, offering a wide range of functionalities and serving different purposes. The game features various types of items, including Utility items, crafting materials, Gems, Aspect, and Quest Items.


Obtain Diablo 4 Items

Farming Items in Diablo 4 doesn't have to be a daunting task. Whether you explore the HellTides or tackle Nightmare Dungeons, following the methods outlined in this guide will significantly improve your chances of obtaining those elusive items. 


Method 1: HellTides

The HellTides are an excellent way to farm, unique in Diablo 4. Normal chests in the HellTides have recently started dropping unique at a reasonable rate.

To make the most of this method, follow these steps:


  • Locate the HellHide: Keep an eye out for the HellTides, which appear every other hour. When you find a Health Hide, enter it to begin your farming.
  • Find Protection Chests: Once inside the Health Hide, search for protection chests. These chests contain armor items, such as helmets, and are more likely to drop unique Items.
  • Use Cinders to Open Chests: Open the protection chests using Cinders, which can be obtained by killing enemies and completing events within the Health Hide. Each chest requires 75 Cinders to open.
  • Explore the Map: Take advantage of the fact that the normal chests are visible on the map. Locate the protection chests you want to open by checking the map and head directly to them. This saves time and ensures you target the desired items.
  • Repeat and Keep an Eye Out: As you progress through the Health Hide, continue opening protection chests. Remember that different sections of the Health Hide may have different chests, so periodically check the map for updates. While the chest locations may change, the process remains the same.


Method 2: Nightmare Dungeon

If the HellTides are unavailable or you want an alternative farming method, Nightmare Dungeons can be a great option. Completing these dungeons quickly gives you a high chance of obtaining Items.

Follow these steps to maximize your efficiency:


  • Assemble a Group: Nightmare Dungeons are best tackled with a full group. Join forces with other players or use online communities to find like-minded individuals to farm with.
  • Choose a Speedy Dungeon: Select a dungeon that you can complete swiftly. Dungeons with high mob density, such as Blind Burrows, are ideal for farming uniques. Remember that more enemies mean more drops.
  • Complete the Dungeon: Clear the entire dungeon, ensuring you defeat all monsters and bosses. Upon completion, you will receive completion rewards, including a chance for Items.
  • Reset the Dungeon: There are two methods to reset the dungeon. The first method involves swapping party leaders within the group and leaving the party, while the other method exploits a transfer party mechanic. Both methods require a group to execute effectively.
  • Farming Efficiency: Continuously repeat the process of completing the dungeon and resetting it to maximize your chances of obtaining uniques. It's recommended to have a rotation system within your group to ensure everyone gets a fair chance at completion rewards.


Target Farming Uniques

While some players prefer target farming-specific Items, it's important to consider the efficiency of this method. Websites and tools exist to help you identify dungeons with a higher drop rate for certain items. However, it's generally more effective to farm dungeons with higher mob density, such as Blind Burrows, as the increased number of enemies increases your overall drop rate.


When to Selling and Salvaging?

Selling: If you have blue or white items, it's best to sell them to vendors for gold. Blue and white items are typically not as valuable or useful compared to rare (yellow) or higher-quality items. Selling these items can help you acquire gold for various purposes.


Salvaging: Any rare or higher-quality items should be salvaged instead of sold. Salvaging items at the Smith allows you to break them down and obtain materials. Rares provide a guaranteed chance to obtain rare materials, as well as common and white materials. By salvaging rares, you maximize the number of rare materials you can acquire, which are useful for crafting and other purposes.


Crafting Potions, Elixirs, and Incense

In Diablo 4, crafting potions, elixirs, and incense can provide significant benefits to your character and party members. This guide will walk you through crafting and help you make the most of these items in your gameplay.


Finding an Alchemist

Start by locating your favourite Alchemist in one of the main cities, such as Cheryl in Cat Bardu. These Alchemists can help you with potion upgrades and provide access to various crafting recipes.


Upgrading Healing Potions

When you talk to the Alchemist, look for the option to upgrade your healing potion. This step is crucial for enhancing your instant healing capability. Pay attention to the required levels for upgrades. For example, if you are at level 69, upgrade your healing potion as soon as you hit level 70. Higher-level upgrades offer better instant healing, although the percentage of healing remains the same.


Gathering Crafting Materials

Throughout your journey, you will come across various crafting materials. Some materials, like Angel Breath, drop in Nightmare Dungeons, while others can be found in the world, obtained from monsters, caches, or quests. Explore the game world, engage in side quests, and gather herbs to acquire the necessary materials.


Crafting Elixirs

Elixirs provide temporary buffs to your character. As you level up, more powerful elixirs will become available. For example, weaker elixirs like the Weak Iron Bark Elixir require a lower level but provide a smaller boost. On the other hand, stronger elixirs like the Strong Iron Bark Elixir require a higher level but offer greater benefits. Most elixirs grant a 5% experience bonus, making them ideal for leveling up. Consider using elixirs that suit your build or the challenges you face, such as an elixir that boosts fire resistance for a dungeon with fire-based enemies.



Incense provides buffs to you and nearby party members within a small radius. These buffs are limited to close proximity and do not cover a large area. You can increase the stats provided by incense by spending resources. However, keep in mind that incense buffs are not particularly potent and last for only 20 minutes. Additionally, the buffs do not persist after death, so they need to be reapplied upon resurrection.


Combining Elixirs and Incense

You can use both elixirs and incense simultaneously to maximize your character's power. Since elixirs and incense provide different types of buffs, combining them can enhance your effectiveness in combat.

About LOLTANK Diablo 4 Elixirs

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