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Diablo 4 Dungeons - D4 Gold, Items and Exp Farming Guides

In Diablo 4, you'll spend most of your time in Nightmare Dungeons. So, it's essential to understand which dungeons to tackle and at what sigil tier to maximize efficiency in farming Diablo 4 gold and Items


Diablo 4 Dungeons Farming Guides

One of the exciting features of Diablo 4 dungeons is the inclusion of random events. These events add an element of unpredictability and variety to your dungeon runs, keeping you on your toes and providing unique challenges to overcome. Additionally, there are special scripted dungeon objectives that enhance the cohesiveness of each dungeon. These objectives not only increase the danger you face but also offer greater rewards for your efforts.


Nightmare Dungeon Tier and Sigil Level

To determine the appropriate nightmare dungeon tier and sigil level, follow this simple rule: Take the sigil level you wish to attempt and add 50. That resulting level is where you should be to tackle that specific sigil tier. For example, if you want to do a Sigil 1 dungeon, you should be at least level 51.


This is because when enemies are three to four levels higher than you, you gain optimal experience points (XP). You don't gain significantly more XP when facing enemies that are eight or ten levels higher. Moreover, you can clear dungeons faster by keeping the enemy level difference at three to four levels. Once you enter World Tier 3, start with your number one sigil and aim to be at least level 51.


Progression through Nightmare Dungeon Tiers

As you level up, you'll naturally progress through nightmare dungeon tiers.

Here's a breakdown of the recommended levels for each tier:

  • Level 60: At this point, you can already enter World Tier 4 and potentially handle Tier 20 nightmare dungeons. While tier 20 dungeons technically require you to be level 70, if you can clear them as fast as tier 10 dungeons, it's worth farming them due to increased glyph experience gain and slightly higher end-of-dungeon XP rewards.
  • Level 81-82: To acquire super rare uniques like Shaco or Grandfather, your enemies need to be at least level 85. Therefore, it's crucial to reach nightmare sigil 31 as soon as possible. You should aim to consistently and efficiently clear nightmare sigil 30 dungeons when you're level 81 or higher.
  • Level 99: Realistically, you never need to go beyond nightmare tier 50, as this tier provides opponents at level 104. Higher nightmare tiers do not grant better loot, and once you reach level 73 and enter World Tier 4, you have a chance to obtain 800+ level items. Therefore, focus on farming nightmare dungeons in the 40-50 range for optimal rewards.


Additional Considerations and Rewards

Apart from finding the appropriate level for nightmare dungeons, there are a few more things to keep in mind:

  • Ancestral Items: Nightmare dungeons have a higher chance to drop ancestral items compared to other content, although the exact increase is unclear. If you're hunting for ancestral items, nightmare dungeons are worth farming.
  • End-of-Dungeon Rewards: The end-of-dungeon rewards in nightmare dungeons do not significantly improve as you progress to higher tiers. However, unique items can still drop at the end, providing valuable rewards. Therefore, spamming nightmare dungeons in the 40-50 range with friends can be highly Diablo 4 Gold rewarding.
  • HellTide and Legion Events: In World Tier 4, if you cannot handle nightmare dungeons, focus on Hell Tides and Legion Events for 200 XP rewards. These activities are a great alternative to gaining experience, Gold and gear.

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