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Diablo 4 Ruins of Eridu Dungeon: Farming Legendaries, Unique Items, Gold, and XP

Welcome, Diablo 4 players! This guide will explore an incredible farming spot in the game that can help you obtain legendaries, unique items, and gold and gain experience points (XP). Please make the most of this farm while it's still available, as Blizzard might eventually nerf it. Whether you're a solo player or looking for a team, this dungeon will cater to your farming needs. Read on to learn more about the fantastic spot called the Ruins of Eridu.



Diablo 4 Ruins of Eridu Dungeon: Farming Legendaries, Unique Items, Gold, and XP


Location of the Dungeon

The Ruins of Eridu can be found in Diablo 4 near the bottom of the map. It is a once mighty fortress now consumed by the swamp. Look for it on your map, and head over to begin your farming journey.


Benefits of the Ruins of Eridu

The Ruins of Eridu is an exceptional farming spot due to its abundance of elites, enemies, and loot drops. You'll find yourself surrounded by enemies and overwhelmed by the sheer amount of loot that drops in this dungeon. It's common to empty your inventory midway through the dungeon run.


Farming Strategy

The dungeon can be completed solo or in a group, depending on your preference. The average run time is approximately 10 minutes, but skilled players can complete it faster. This dungeon is particularly ideal for solo players seeking farming opportunities.

  • Upon entering the dungeon, you'll encounter the first pack of enemies within the first five to ten seconds. This dungeon is known for its densely packed monsters, making it ideal for efficient farming.
  • Navigate towards the central cave chamber, clearing enemies along the way. The dungeon layout has three directions: up, down, and forward. Since it forms a circular path with a connecting line through the middle, you'll want to clear up and down directions.
  • Clear out the entire outside circle, focusing on the larger, denser packs of monsters. The mob density in this dungeon is extraordinary and includes elite enemies as well.
  • Keep an eye out for the area's shrines, chests, and other bonus spawns. There may be additional treasures and goodies to enhance your farming experience.
  • An exciting aspect of this dungeon is the "slay all enemies" objective. Blizzard tweaked this objective type to address player feedback from the beta, where finding scattered mobs was frustrating. As you reach specific breakpoints in the remaining monster count, a pack of bonus monsters, including elites, will spawn on top of you. This boosts both your kill count and the number of elites slain.
  • You'll encounter around 12 to 15 elites as you progress through the floor. On average, solo runs take approximately one minute and 20 seconds, yielding 500,000 experiences and at least one legendary item per run. However, the results can vary, and you may even acquire multiple legendaries or uniques in a single run.
  • Clear the entire floor, as there is no need to backtrack due to the circular layout. The monsters will teleport on top of you, ensuring continuous combat.
  • Once you finish clearing the floor, open the emote wheel and click the "leave dungeon" button. After loading out of the dungeon, press escapes and log out to the character selects screen.
  • Log back into your character, and you'll be in front of the dungeon entrance. The dungeon will be reset, allowing you to repeat the farming process.


Obtaining Legendaries, Unique Items, Gold, and XP

The Ruins of Eridu offers an excellent opportunity to acquire legendaries, unique items, gold, and XP. However, waiting until you reach World Tier 3 before focusing on farming legendaries and unique items is recommended. At lower levels, it's more efficient to progress through the campaign and save the farming for later.


For XP farming, this dungeon provides a significant amount of experience points. It can be especially helpful if you're below level 50 and still working on levelling up your character. Take advantage of this spot to boost your XP gains and progress through the game.


Adapting to End-Game Content

While the Ruins of Eridu is an excellent farming location, keep in mind that as you reach higher levels and progress toward the end game, more optimal farming spots and strategies may be available. Experiment with different builds, gear, and party compositions to find the most effective farming methods that suit your playstyle.



The Ruins of Eridu in Diablo 4 is a fantastic farm that offers many loots, including legendaries, unique items, gold, and XP. It's an excellent spot for solo players looking to maximize their farming potential. However, be aware that Blizzard may eventually nerf this farm, so utilize it while it's still viable. Remember to adapt your farming strategies as you progress through the game and reach higher levels. 

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