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Duriel Ticket

Duriel Ticket

Buy D4 Duriel Ticket Mats: Handwork (Eggs+Shards) x 2

  • Season 4 - SC
  • 5 ~ 30 Mins
  • 10
  • 20
  • 30
  • 40
  • 50
  • 60

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29 May
4 / 5

Very good Duriel Ticket. There was a slight issue with one of the parts, but customer service resolved it quickly.

27 May
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The Duriel Ticket service from LOLTANK for Diablo IV is incredible. So glad I decided to go for it.

27 May
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Diablo IV is a blast with LOLTANK's Duriel Ticket service. So much to love!

26 May
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Top-notch Duriel Ticket! I'm thrilled with it.

20 May
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Excellent Diablo IV Duriel Ticket service. The transaction was smooth and the product is fantastic.

20 May
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I'm really impressed with the seamless integration of Diablo IV.

Duriel Ticket Description

Before fighting Duriel in Diablo 4, you must have two Mucus-Slick Eggs and two Shards of Agony. In order to get these items, one has to defeat Echo of Varshan and Grigoire, The Galvanic Saint twice. Both should be beaten two times.


Understanding the Source - Duriel

Duriel is a level 100 poison-based boss that lives in Gaping Crass dungeon in the bottom left corner of the map. To increase your chances of obtaining unique Uber's , farm Duriel regularly and effectively.


Summoning Duriel

To summon Duriel, players need Diablo 4 Mats: 2 x Shards of Agony and 2 x Mucus Slick Eggs. Each item comes from two different specific bosses. When summoning boss, only the summoner should gather the summoning materials so that others cannot take them and abandon.


Locating Duriel

When you reach World Tier 4, go down to Gaping Crevasse dungeon located in Kehjistan South of Gea Kul. This is where the final boss is. Starting from season 2, Duriel can be found in both Eternal Realm and Seasonal Realm. In the innermost parts of the Gaping Crevasse is an altar. Here you will be required to offer a Mucus-Slick Egg and Shard of Agony then be prepared for the mighty Duriel ahead.


Strategies to Beat Duriel in Diablo 4

Duriel is not just a pushover in Diablo 4 Lord of Pain. To be successful, you must realize his attack patterns and weaknesses and have the right strategy. This guide will tell you everything you need to know about him and how to win this boss fight simply put.


Understanding Duriel's Mechanics

  • Attack Patterns: Duriel was quick and had powerful attacks. These included a charging attack that could stun players, a frost nova inflicting area damage, and a wide arc tail swipe. Recognize these attacks and dodge them.
  • Weaknesses: Compared to others, he suffers more damage from fire and magic attacks. By wearing equipment that boosts these types of abilities, the players can exploit these weaknesses.


Preparing Your Character

  • Equipment Selection: Opt for high physical resistance and cold armor. When it comes to weapons go for those that deal fire or magic damage so as take advantage of Duriel weak points.
  • Skill Choices: Choose skills allowing movement at high speed with short-burst attacks like whirlwind or teleportation; they may also include crowd control effects which help open a distance for healing when necessary.
  • Consumables: Since he uses frost nova also make sure you have health elixirs as well as mana potions while possibly having thawing potions.


The Battle Strategy

  • Positioning: Keep moving around to avoid Duriel's charge attack; stay at medium to have time to react when he does any attacks.
  • Attack Phases: Take maximum advantage of the time frame when Duriel pauses after attack by inflicting maximum damage on him then.
  • Healing and Mana Management: Be cautious with potion use only applying it sparingly. Avoid using healing potions unless totally necessary thus saving them until they are required so that they do not run out quickly during the battle ending too soon before you defeat the enemy.


Elixirs strategies for Duriel

Duriel is the toughest boss on this new released base roster who attacks his foes with deadly poisons. Use Poison Resistance Elixirs to attain at least 70% poison resistance. When fighting him, ensure that Duriel is facing a wall to counter his charge. Avoid his two major attacks: the underground burrow and poison grab.


Duriel: Unique Drops and Rewards

Duriel among all Uber endgame bosses stands out as the only one which gives a chance for Uber Unique Items. If there is any chance of obtaining these unique treasures, players are advised to keep on killing Duriel.


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If you want safe, fast and fair Diablo 4 Duriel Materials trading, then you should look no further than LOLTANK. We are the choice of so many satisfied gamers for their Diablo 4 needs. Come to LOLTANK and gear up for success!


Real Player Farming

LOLTANK ensures that all Diablo 4 Duriel Materials are farmed by real players. This makes everything we sell authentic. It also maintains the quality of your gaming experience.


Swift and Reliable Delivery

In the world of Diablo 4, time is money. That's why our delivery is so fast: it usually takes between five and thirty minutes from when we receive your payment until you get your items. We always have enough in stock to meet your needs quickly.


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With years of experience and numerous positive feedbacks from Diablo 4 players, LOLTANK has become a trustworthy name within the community. Besides in-game meetups and screenshots, we go extra miles to provide you with irrefutable evidence that you indeed made a purchase.


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We carefully calculate our prices to give you a reasonable deal corresponding to the current state of the in-game economy. In case the market shifts as you wait for delivery, we adjust accordingly – more mats at lower rates; no extra charges if prices rise.


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Security comes first always; during in-game deliveries we make sure that there is no suspicion and propose a mutual exchange thereby making it look like an ordinary in-game transaction. Your confidentiality is our priority as well as account safety.


Hassle-Free Refunds

Life happens, we understand that clearly. If we notice any changes in life on your part before delivery, there will be easy refunds at LOLTANK. Should your mind change over your order about Diablo 4 Duriel Mats we will refund you quickly according to the policy of refunding.

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