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Diablo 4 Items Guide: How to Evaluate Item Quality

In Diablo 4, determining the quality of legendary and rare items is crucial for optimizing your character's build. Understanding the item's stats, rolls, and breakpoints can help you identify whether an item is good or not. This guide will walk you through the process of evaluating item quality and making informed decisions about upgrades and enchantments.

Diablo 4 Items Guide: How to Evaluate Item Quality


Enable Advanced Tool Tip Comparison

To begin, go to the options menu and select Gameplay. Enable both the Advanced Tool Tip Compare and Advanced Tool Tip Information settings. This will provide you with detailed information about item rolls and potential ranges.


Analyzing Stats and Rolls

When examining an item, pay attention to its primary and secondary stats. For weapons, focus on the secondary stats relevant to your build. However, it can be challenging to determine if an item has good rolls. Here's how you can assess them:

  • Look for Roll Brackets: Notice the bracket displayed underneath each stat. This indicates the potential roll range for that particular stat. Higher numbers indicate better rolls.
  • Evaluate Individual Rolls: Compare the rolls on the item with the maximum and minimum values within the bracket. Determine if the item has high or low rolls for each stat.

Example: If an item has a 65.8% damage increase to close enemies, with a bracket range of 42 to 65.8, it means the item has a high roll in that stat. Conversely, a 49 roll for another secondary stat within a range of 42 to 65.8 would be considered low.


Comparing Items

To compare a newly acquired item with your currently equipped one, hold the Shift key and select the item in your inventory. A comparison window will open, displaying the properties you'll gain or lose by equipping the new item. This feature saves time when fine-tuning your gear.


Understanding Breakpoints

Breakpoints are crucial for maximizing item potential. At specific item power thresholds (e.g., 625, 725), an item's stats will reroll entirely. This reroll affects the ranges of the individual stats but does not change the specific stat itself.

  • Benefits of Breakpoints: Reaching a breakpoint allows you to potentially improve all the rolls on an item, transforming it from a poor roll to an exceptional one.
  • Rerolling Process: When upgrading an item's power past a breakpoint, the item's rolls will adjust within the new bracket range. This can result in both increased and decreased rolls. Upgrading beyond breakpoints may lead to further rerolls, so plan your upgrades accordingly.


Legendary Aspect Rows

The Advanced Tool Tip Comparison also displays the range of rolls for legendary aspects. Extracting and saving perfect rolls from normal or sacred legendary aspects can be beneficial for later use on ancestral items.

Example: Extract a legendary aspect with a perfect roll (e.g., 10% poison damage reduction). Use the aspect to imprint the roll onto an ancestral item, thus achieving the maximum roll for that stat.



By enabling Advanced Tool Tip Comparison and understanding the concept of roll brackets and breakpoints, you can effectively evaluate item quality in Diablo 4. This knowledge empowers you to make informed decisions about upgrades, enchantments, and item optimizations. Remember to save legendary aspects with perfect rolls for imprinting on ancestral items. With these strategies, you can enhance your character's power and progress in the game.

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