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What is WOW Classic?

World of Warcraft Classic, also known as WoW Classic or Classic WOW, developed and released by Blizzard Entertainment, allowing players to relive the original version of the popular MMORPG World of Warcraft. WoW Classic was launched on August 27, 2019, in response to the overwhelming demand and nostalgia from players who yearned to relive the game's beginnings. The goal is to offer an authentic experience, replicating the content and gameplay as they were before any expansions were introduced. This nostalgic journey appeals to both new players who want to explore the game's roots and veteran players seeking the challenging and magical gameplay they once enjoyed. 


Classic WOW holds a unique appeal for players due to its nostalgic charm and simplicity, allowing them to relive the World of Warcraft golden age. The gameplay, featuring straightforward mechanics and immersive exploration, draws in those seeking a more grounded gaming experience. PvP enthusiasts are enticed by the return of the Honor System, igniting fierce battles and camaraderie. Moreover, Classic WoW's vibrant and tightly-knit community encourages the building of lifelong bonds among players, fostering a supportive and collaborative atmosphere. The player-driven economy adds another layer of excitement, promoting trading and entrepreneurship within a bustling marketplace.


WOW Classic Different Versions | Significant Changes and New Additions in 2023

  • Vanilla Realms - Return to Roots: Vanilla Realms regain popularity as players seek the original Classic experience. Character cloning option to progress to TBC removed, encouraging fresh starts. Capitals thrive with activity, auction houses bustling, and Naxxramas keep players engaged.
  • Seasonal Mastery - New Server Coming: Following the success of the Vanilla Seasonal server, Blizzard confirms the development of another seasonal server. Expect end-game raid buffs and class tuning for an exciting and challenging experience.
  • Hardcore Challenge - Official Servers Coming Soon: Community-driven Hardcore Challenge to become official. Players aim to reach level 60 without dying, tracked by the add-on. Official Hardcore servers are expected this summer.
  • Fate of TBC Realms Uncertain: Era Realms successful, but future of TBC Realms unclear. Players wonder if they'll transition to Wrath or get dedicated TBC servers.
  • Wrath of the Lich King - ICC Approaching: Wrath Realms is progressing well. Trial of the Grand Crusader has been released, and ICC is expected in late September or early October. WoW Tokens were introduced, offering new in-game economy options.
  • Future of Classic WoW - Cataclysm on the Horizon: Blizzard is likely to announce Cataclysm expansion at BlizzCon in November. Players surveyed about interest in Cataclysm, making its continuation in Classic WoW probable.

What is WOW Classic Gold?

In Classic WoW, gold serves as the primary currency, players can use gold for buying weapons and gear, levelling up professions and skills, and acquiring epic mounts. Classic Gold is essential for enhancing character performance, crafting valuable items, and obtaining swift companions for faster travel. By efficiently farming classic WOW gold, you can unlock endless possibilities and elevate your gameplay experience.


How to Earn Gold in WoW Classic?

  • Gathering & Crafting: Professions and Gathering work hand in hand. While levelling Herbalism or Skinning, you can gather resources and either sell them immediately or use them to craft items for sale at the Auction House (AH).
  • Farming: Farming involves looting and selling items that drop from defeated beasts. You can target specific creatures and locations for desired loot. Raw gold, directly looted from bosses or mobs and obtained by vendoring various items, is an excellent method for steady gold income. It remains unaffected by market fluctuations and doesn't rely on the server economy, making it a stable source of currency.
  • Reselling: Reselling entails buying items at low prices and selling them at higher rates. Though challenging, it can be profitable if you possess negotiation skills and expertise in pricing, supply, and demand. This method is more suitable for experienced players rather than beginners.
  • Extra Ways: Additional gold sources include farming reputation with factions to unlock top-tier items for sale, completing daily quests, and purchasing WoW gold from reputable platforms like LOLTANK.


What are the best Gold Farming Spots in WOW Classic?

  • Eastern Plaguelands: Farm Scarlet Crusades for Runecloth, enchanting formulas, and valuable items like Larval Acid and Essence of Water.
  • Felwood: Gather abundant Runecloth and Felcloth in the Northern part and farm elemental essences in the South.
  • Silithus: Hunt spiders for Ironweb Spider Silk and Elemental Earth for a steady income.
  • Deadwind Pass: Defeat Deadwind Warlocks in Vice caves for the chance to obtain a valuable Superior Strength Bracer Enchant.
  • Barrens: In Thousand Needles, collect useful materials and trade them for reputation in the Darkmoon Faire. Additionally, loot trash items off Saltstone lizards for raw gold.
  • Stranglethorn Vale: Hunt basilisks for items to a vendor, look for Scale Belly in caves for green items, and search for Big-mouth Clams for valuable pearls.
  • Feralas: Explore the Southern part for rare creatures and a chance to find valuable Edgemaster's items and Small Flame Sacs for fire protection potions.
  • Winterspring: Collect Winterfall Firewater, highly sought by melee classes for raiding, and farm Frostsabers for raw gold, combining it with Skinning for added gains.

Remember, finding the most suitable gold farming method depends on your preferences and gameplay style. Happy gold hunting in WoW Classic!


Which Classes are better at Classic Gold Farming?

The class choice for gold making is subjective to playstyle. However, Mages with high mobility and AoE spells excel at farming specific areas for quick mob clearing and raw gold income. Hunters are self-sufficient and great for gathering professions. Rogues, with their Pick Pocket ability, can steal items from monsters, enhancing their gold-making potential.

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Q: Is buying WoW Classic Gold legal?

A: It is essential to choose a reputable and trustworthy seller to ensure the safety of your account.


Q: How do I receive the WoW Classic Gold after purchase?

A: Once you complete your purchase, our delivery system will ensure a swift and secure transfer of the gold to your World of Warcraft Classic account. You can then access the gold within the game.


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