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  • Era US: Anathema Horde
  • 5 ~ 30 Mins
  • 500G
  • 1000G
  • 1500G
  • 2000G
  • 2500G
  • 3000G

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What is WOW Classic?

This is a nostalgic trip back to the Vanilla WoW days in 2004, before the Burning Crusade expansion. It ensures that you have the original Azeroth experience complete with Alliance vs. Horde classic storyline. WoW Classic released on August 26, 2019 and immediately attracted lots of players, thereby necessitating server enlargement by Blizzard. Evolving through additional PvP content and new areas and keeping pace with the original game timeline. Challenging and methodical gameplay WoW Classic offers.

What is WOW Classic Gold?

Gold in classic wow is needed for purchasing gear, weapons, leveling professions, epic mounts and what not. It boosts character performance as well as offering fast travel. Efficient gold farming improves your gaming experience drastically.


Efficient Strategies For Farming Wow Gold

Gather & Craft: Combine such professions like Herbalism or Skinning with crafting to sell materials or crafted items in Auction House.

Farming: Focus on specific creatures for valuable drops. This is about constant looting and selling.

Reselling Mastery: Buy items cheaply and then sell them at a profit later on. Requires one to be able to spot pricing patterns in a market.

Additional Gold Sources: Boost faction reputations for exclusive items, complete daily quests, or consider purchasing gold from reliable platforms.


Top Classic Wow Gold Farming Locations

Eastern Plaguelands - Scarlet Crusades (runecloth; enchanting formulas).

Felwood - North (runecloth; felcloth) / South (elemental essences)

Silithus - Spider Silk and Elemental Earths farming location

Deadwind Pass - Vice caves for Superior Strength Bracer Enchant.

Barrens - Raw Gold from Saltstone lizards; Materials from Thousand Needles

Stranglethorn Vale - Green Drops From Scale Belly; Clams For Pearls; Vendor Items From Basilisks

Feralas - Rare creatures location for Edgemaster's items, Small Flame Sacs.

Winterspring - Collect Winterfall Firewater and farm Frostsabers.


Best Classes for Farming Gold in WoW Classic

Mages - Efficiency is further enhanced by AoE spells and high movement speed that makes them top-notch farmers of zones.

Hunters - Gathering professions are best done with hunters because they are self-sufficient.

Rogues - Their Pick Pocket skill helps improve gold-making opportunities. 

About LOLTANK WOW Classic Gold

Why LOLTANK Is the Best Place to Buy WoW Classic Gold

Gold in WoW Classic is not just money; it's provides a richer gaming experience. That's why LOLTANK is the answer you're searching for.


Authentic Gold from Real Players

Our WoW Classic Gold comes directly from hard-working players who earned every coin fair and square.


Prompt Delivery for Continuous Gaming

We know that every second counts in Azeroth. Therefore, we guarantee delivery of your gold within 5-30 minutes after payment is confirmed so that nothing interrupts your adventure on this amazing continent.


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Over the years, we've received praise and trust from our fans of classic wow. With our long-standing record in numerous MMOs, we can assure you of our legitimacy. In addition, we provide you a screenshot showing that we've met in-game together with providing real-time evidence that you bought gold on your account.


Balanced Pricing, Honest Transactions

We may not have the cheapest prices around, but our goal is to remain fair and honest. If ever there will be no Gold available temporarily, you'll get immediate notification about it. If during this period there's a decline in prices which make their cost lower to that amount during your waiting period let alone without any extra cost change it accordingly to your amount of gold purchased.


We are discreet and secure when trading. We prioritize your safety by encouraging item exchanges through the trade window with our chat being strictly in-game.


Uncomplicated Refund Policy

But we recognize that things happen. You don't have to worry about anything much, if you need a refund before we deliver it else just ask for it.

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