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What is Elder Scrolls Online?

ESO (The Elder Scrolls Online) continues to stay surprising and entertaining for players even after nine years of its launch. The game has more than 200,000 players a day and is one of the most popular MMORPGs in the world.  The game's basic version contains around ten large diverse maps with quests. You can choose your character out of 7 races, 7 classes and various appearances. Combat in ESO will remind you that you are playing real time Skyrim, but includes top targeting, so that precision aiming isn't so important.

What is ESO Gold?

For gamers ESO Gold is an essential resource. In trade gold stands by your side. It can be used to buy powerful equipment for your character, decorating your virtual home, or finding rare mounts.


How to Farming Eso Gold?

To farm gold resources in ESO, there are many great locations. If you do things right and have some luck on your side, you can get plenty of resources within a relatively short amount of time.


Essential First Step: Join a Trading Guild

If you want to make the most money by selling items use a trading guild. Vivec City in Vvardenfell, Mournhold in Deshaan, and Rawl'kha in Reaper's March are all excellent trading guild locations.


Daily Crafting Writs: The Foundation

Crafting writs are important. This could be harder for console players who don't have add-ons like Lazy Writ Crafter.Level up crafting skills across multiple characters to turn in writs for gold and materials.Material surveys can be a source of raw materials.


Buying and Reselling: The Trader's Path

You can make money by buying items low and selling them high. You need to know the market.


Material Farming: Consistent Earnings

Material farming provides steady gold yields. Hide farming and other material gathering methods are excellent methods of earning.


Professions: King of Gold Makers

When mastered, Alchemy, Enchanting, and Provisioning bring in tons of gold. Concentrate on one, build it up and learn to balance costs against sale prices. Gear crafting in particular is lucrative.


Motif Farming: Quest for Profits

Pursue valuable purple motifs by completing the daily quests in each zone. Sell them for a fair price at your guild trader.


Skyreach Catacombs Carries: Leveling for Gold

If you have a good build and understand dungeons, Skyreach Catacombs can be highly lucrative in Craglorn.


Thieves Guild Activities: Profit from Mischief

Take part in such activities as murder, pickpocketing or looting within Thieves Guild. Completing their storyline quests will allow you to move forward on the Thieves Guild skill line.


Gold Farming for PvP Players

Alliance Points: From Battle to Profit

You can purchase elite gear pieces with Alliance Points in Cyrodiil. Plague Break sets are particularly profitable.


Tel Var Stone Farming: Risky but Rewarding

Defeat Zone bosses within the Imperial City as a group for Tel Var Stones which exchangeable for valuable items. Apothecary Parcels and Zivkyn Polymorphs are top choices for converting stones to gold.


Why You Should Buy ESO Gold from LOLTANK?

LOLTANK understands that speed is of the essence in a fluid world like Elder Scrolls Online. This is why we have our ESO Gold stock available for immediate dispatch. We are able to complete most of our deliveries within 5-30 minutes after your payment is confirmed on average. Our aim – to make sure you enjoy uninterrupted gaming.


Reputation that Matters

Trust cannot be bought; it's earned. We built LOLTANK reputation step by step over nearly a decade. We have served thousands of customers, from casual adventurers to hard-core guildies in Elder Scrolls Online. Our reviews speak for us. Plus, transparency is also one of our principles; anticipate in-game meetings, screenshots and real-time proof for your Gold. With LOLTANK, you are selecting a company as trustworthy as the scrolls themselves.


Reasonable Costs

Lowest price is not the only measure of value. It has trustworthiness, dependability, and fairness among other things. Sometimes, we may run out of stock (though it happens rarely), but we will alert you prior to that time. If you choose to wait till the market price goes down, we will change the amount of your Gold accordingly – at no extra charge! The pricing strategy serves your interest best.


Safe Delivery

We respect safety above all else. For delivery purposes we arrange an in-game meeting with you discreetly. For instance, this means we won't mention either your order or the gold directly during this trade window encounter at all while performing these safe transactions with other players online for such great games as ESO - The Elder Scrolls Online MMO RPG by Bethesda Softworks Studios Ltd.. You should know that this isn’t just a business deal but rather peace for your soul.


Guaranteed Refunds

Life can be unpredictable and sometimes it requires undoing what has been done before. That is what we believe in at LOLTANK. Our return policy is simple and customer-oriented: you can ask for your money back even after we have already delivered the gold to you. Pre-ordered and changed your mind? No problem. If we haven’t made a delivery yet, you will be refunded promptly without explaining why.

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