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06 Dec
4 / 5

Bought the ESO Gold, and it's decent for the price. It has a few minor quirks, but overall, it's a reliable choice. I'm satisfied with my purchase.

04 Dec
4 / 5

My Gold from LOLTANK is solid and does the job well.

02 Dec
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I can't get enough of the Elder Scrolls Online Gold I got at LOLTANK. It's a game-changer and has elevated my gaming experience to new heights.

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The Elder Scrolls Online Gold I got at LOLTANK is outstanding! The ESO Gold has elevated my gaming experience. The graphics are stunning, and it's incredibly fast. Five stars!

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What is Elder Scrolls Online?

ESO (The Elder Scrolls Online) continues to surprise and delight players nine years after launch. The game has over 200,000 players a day, making it one of the world's most popular MMORPGs. 

There are about 10 large, diverse maps filled with quests in the game's base version. You can customize your character with seven races, seven classes, and various looks. Combat in ESO resembles Skyrim's real-time combat, but includes top targeting, so precision aiming is less important. 

What is ESO Gold?

ESO Gold are important resources for players. In trading, gold is a loyal companion. With gold coins, you can equip your character with powerful equipment, decorate your virtual home, and find rare mounts.


How to Farming Eso Gold?

There are a lot of great locations for farming gold resources in ESO. With the right approach and a bit of luck, you can gather a lot of resources relatively quickly.


Wayshrine in Rivenspire

You should use this area for farming the most. Why? There are so many nodes, and you do not run into too many mobs to fight, which saves time. My path starts at the Wayshrine, circles around the Royal boss area, and returns - it's efficient and most nodes respawn by the end. It can get crowded, especially during peak hours, since it's a popular spot.


Bal Foyen

Bal Foyen, especially around Dhalmora, is another excellent farming area. It regenerates nodes quickly, so it's a great place to gather resources as a beginner. As a result of the nodes respawning so fast, I alternate between the upper and lower parts. Congestion is a major drawback here; it's a well-known spot, so expect lots of people.


Efficient Farming Tips

  • Timing is Key: To avoid crowds, use off-peak hours. You might get lucky and have the place to yourself for a while.
  • Movement Speed Gear: Equip gear that boosts your movement speed. This helps you move between nodes faster, increasing your overall efficiency.
  • Stay Focused on Nodes: Even in crowded spots, stay focused on your path and keep moving from node to node.
  • Consider Inventory: Make sure you have enough space in your inventory before farming, so you don't have to waste time managing it in the middle of your run.


What is the delivery time for LOLTANK's ESO Gold?

Most orders are fulfilled within 5-30 minutes after payment confirmation at LOLTANK, ensuring you get back to your game quickly.


Is LOLTANK a reliable company?

Yes, absolutely! Our stellar reputation speaks for itself. We have been selling MMOs for over a decade and have thousands of satisfied customers.


Is LOLTANK's price for ESO Gold fair?

Our services are honest and trustworthy, despite not always having the lowest prices. When stock is available, we are upfront about it. If the market price drops, we compensate with additional Gold that reflects the current economy. There will be no price increase.


Should I get a refund?

LOLTANK understands that sometimes plans change and you are entitled to a prompt refund if you cancel your pre-order before delivery.


Is my order at risk of price fluctuations?

If the market price of ESO Gold decreases before delivery, we'll adjust your order by adding extra Gold. Your cost remains unchanged, even if prices go up after your order.


Is LOLTANK's ESO Gold transaction secure?

With our secure payment methods and in-game delivery, we provide additional transparency and peace of mind.

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