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ESO Leveling Ultimate 2024 Guide: From Novice to Veteran(Levels 1 to 300+)

If you've just downloaded the Elder Scrolls Online (ESO) and have no idea what to do next, this leveling guide is for you. We'll provide you with a step-by-step path so that you can level up quickly and efficiently, as well as some key tips on where to go and what to do each time you hit one of ESO's many level milestones.


ESO Leveling Ultimate 2024 Guide: From Novice to Veteran(Levels 1 to 300+)


Levels 1-9: The Foundations

When creating your character, you'll either start in the newest chapter that you own, or be dropped into a room full of portals after the tutorial. Choose any starting zone from there. But before beginning any zone stories, there are some general steps that will benefit you no matter which class you play.

  1. Skill Line Allocation: After creating your character, you'll receive three skill points. Put one into each of your class's three skill lines and slot those abilities onto your action bar right away so that all your skill lines level up as they gain experience.
  2. Weapon Skill Lines: Decide on a weapon style (such as a staff for mage characters) and unlock its skill line by using it to defeat an enemy. Be sure to keep at least one weapon skill slotted on your bar at all times.
  3. Companions: Unlocking companions early is important because they level alongside you and can get gear from chest openings once every two hours. The community favorite is Ember from Tor Drak because she has such a friendly attitude and building rapport with her is a breeze.
  4. Antiquities System: Head to Solitude in Western Skyrim and unlock the Antiquities skill line at the back of the city. Scrying for treasures and Mythic items will both let you make money and get stronger.
  5. Sigic Order: If you're playing a mage or want access to extremely valuable loot bundles, head to Somerset and unlock the Sigic Order skill line near the crafting tables.
  6. Guilds: Don't forget to join the Mages Guild and Fighters Guild in your faction's first major city. Each one unlocks another skill line and quests that give good rewards.
  7. Main Story Quest: Starting this quests early is advised because it grants many skill points when completed.
  8. Add-Ons: PC players can put add-ons in their ESO folders to get various types of information like skyshard locations and lore book maps.


ESO Leveling Maps


Level 10: A New Milestone

Congrats on hitting level 10! You're now able to do some new things that will power up your character quickly, so let's go over them.

  • Queue for Your First Dungeon: Press "P" on PC to open the group menu (or navigate over using your controller) and then select "Dungeon Finder". This will queue your character for a random normal dungeon, which gives transmute crystals, gear, and a big XP boost upon completion.
  • Complete Dungeon Quests: Every dungeon has a one-time quest that awards a skill point and more XP upon finishing it.
  • Gear Management: At crafting stations around the game world you can find useful gear or deconstruct items you don't want to level up your crafting skills while banking materials for later use.
  • Undaunted Guild Progression: As you complete dungeons and their associated achievements, you'll level up a special Undaunted Guild skill line that gives passive abilities which are essential for endgame characters.


Mounts and Inventory Management

At level 10, you also gain access to your first mount. Here's how to make the most of it:

  • Stable Master Visits: Increase your mount's speed by visiting the Stable Master daily and choosing the 'Feed' option.
  • Pack Merchant Upgrades: Spend gold to upgrade your inventory capacity at Pack Merchants found in towns.


Venturing into Cyrodiil

While Cyrodiil is known for PvP, a PvE quest awaits you at level 10:

Alliance War Skill Line: Complete the introductory Cyrodiil quest to unlock the Assault skill line, granting access to essential abilities like 'Vigor' for stamina builds and 'Continuous Attack' for increased mount speed.


Level 15: Unlocking Your Back Bar

At level 15, a significant milestone awaits you - the unlocking of your back bar. This will permit you to switch between two sets of abilities and weapons during combat. Start by putting the same set on your back bar as you did on your front bar.


For instance, if you have a Medusa weapon in the front, then it should be accompanied by another in the back. You can upgrade your back bar with specialized arena weapons like Maelstrom staff or BRP daggers later. But don't worry about those advanced weapons yet; they only become relevant after CP 160.


ESO Leveling Screenshot


Level 45: Embracing the Undaunted

By level 45, make sure that you complete the Undaunted quest that was acquired at level 10. It is important to note that this quest unlocks daily Undaunted pledges which are crucial for leveling and gearing up.


Pledges can be picked up from any faction zone such as Stormhaven, Grahtwood, or Deshaan. These pledges upon completion will increase your rank within The Undaunted guild and provide keys to powerful monster sets.


Level 50: The Champion Point System

When one gets to level 50, they get introduced into the world of Champion Points (CP). At first glance Champion Points may seem overwhelming though they are essential in enhancing one's character ability.


Check out trusted build guides or experiment around with point allocations on your own. Bear in mind that at this stage champion points accumulate swiftly so take advantage of this growth spurt.


CP 160: Max Gear Level

CP 160 is a game-changer – it's the maximum gear level in ESO. You should focus on obtaining or crafting two full five-piece sets, head/shoulders monster set, and an arena weapon for your second bar. Also take this opportunity to raise guilds such as fighters guild or mages guild and find Skyshards to increase your skill points.


CP 300: Veteran Content Unlocked

By the time a player reaches CP 300, veteran DLC dungeons are accessible. These challenging instances have unique rewards like skins and personalities. It is also a great time to venture into veteran Arenas and trials for even more high-level content and gear.


Additional Tips

  • Skyshards: Get these for more skill points.
  • Mount Training: Talk to the stable master daily in order to increase your mount's speed, stamina and carry weight.
  • Bag Space: Regularly pay to upgrade inventory space with gold eso earned from quests and dungeons.
  • Antiquities: Participate in scrying and excavating for extra treasures as well as Mythic items.
  • Companion Gear: Open barrels while traveling to equip your companion with better gear.
  • Guild Dailies: Take on daily quests from different guilds within them.


Remember: The journey through ESO can be just as rewarding as reaching the final destination. Take it easy, do what you enjoy most. In Tamriel, this guide will guarantee you legendary status. Happy adventuring!

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