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ESO Alliance Points (AP) Guide: Everything You Need To Know

Howdy, warriors! The Elder Scrolls Online (ESO) is in the middle of Mayhem, and you rats are absolutely itchin' to understand Alliance Points. Never fear — this guide is here to clear things up. Keep reading to learn how AP works, how to get a lot of it, and how you'll skyrocket up the leaderboards during Mayhem or other events like it.


ESO Alliance Points (AP) Guide: Everything You Need To Know


What are Alliance Points (AP) in ESO?

When you're out there PvPing in ESO, you'd better be aware that Alliance Points keep your violence engine going. They're basically currency earned by kickin'ass in PvP activities. Plus, they also measure just how much you help your alliance win a war. Knowing how best to amp up those AP gains will prove crucial when it comes time to make some gains on those leaderboards.


The Four Types of AP Ticks

To get more AP, all you need are "ticks". You can think of these as point pulses that pound into players based on their participation in certain activities. There are four types:

  1. Keep: Participate in capture or defense at keeps.
  2. Outpost: Capture or defend small strategic points.
  3. Resource: Take or hold resources like farms and mines.
  4. Town: Get down with some ol' good town PvPs.


Maximizing Your AP Gains

Don't be stupid about this! You always want more "offensive" and "defensive" activities under your belt if you're gonna maximize those AP earnings:

  • Offensive Ticks: When capturing a keep, outpost, resource, or town...and for that tick to count towards offensive activity…you gotta be within its grounds when it flips to your control.
  • Defensive Ticks: Defending stuff counts for ticks too! For example? Holding back enemy forces from taking your outpost or repairing walls.


Look, We' ll make this easier: just don't earn AP from the same place while waiting for a defensive tick. Go do something else to stack up those gains.


Campaign, Map, and Self Buffs

Modifiers always help. Here are some:

  • Campaign Modifiers: If an alliance has low population or score...underdog bonuses might triple AP gains.
  • Map Buffs: Keep strategic points in your hands for increased AP gains.
  • Player Modifiers: These are like personal buffs you take on. There's a lot out there, like event buffs and War Torte consumables.


Strategic Tips for AP Dominance

Here are some tips to dominate when it comes to getting the most AP:

  • Defensive Tick Collection: Help defend keeps real quick so you can grab them before they're gone.
  • Offensive Multitasking: While your alliance is off capturing a keep — good on ya! — capture nearby resources and stack offensive ticks.
  • Buff Management: Don't let your buffs expire! Refresh 'em often and touch all of 'em if you can.
  • Daily Quests: You got dailies? Save 'em until leaderboard activation so all that work counts towards them sweet rewards.
  • Avoid AP Farming Traps: Small fights aren't worth much (duh), so bypass those small skirmishes and go after more lucrative sources of AP.
  • Self-Care During Grinds: Yeah, PvP sessions can be fun but brutal as heck too…so take care of yourself! Keep sharp during long grind seshes by doing things like eatin' or stretching.



The journey to Emperor is difficult, but not impossible. You need to be smart with the way you earn and use Alliance Points. Most people believe that they need to farm points for as long as they can. While this may work, it's a very slow process and is likely to leave you in the dust. There are specific methods that can give you a massive boost of AP when used correctly.


It's all about understanding how these points work and using them to your advantage. By approaching PVP in The Elder Scrolls Online with this mindset, you'll find yourself at the top of the leaderboards in no time!

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