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ESO Necrom Chapter Launch: How to start this epic adventure?

The highly anticipated Necrom chapter has finally arrived in The Elder Scrolls Online! In this guide, we will walk you through some essential priorities and things to do on launch day to ensure you hit the ground running and embark on an epic adventure. So, let's save time and dive right in!


ESO Necrom Chapter Launch: How to start this epic adventure?


Necrom Location

When the Necrom chapter is released, it's important to know where to go and how to access it. Please note that the Necrom chapter is not included in ESO Plus and must be purchased separately. There are two key areas associated with the Necrom chapter: the main town, called Necrom, and a secondary area, called Apocrypha. Necrom is situated on the right-hand side of the map, specifically in the Telvanni Peninsula, southeast of Vvardenfell. To reach the chapter, locate Necrom on the map and head there. Once you arrive in Necrom, you'll find a portal that provides access to Apocrypha, the second area.


To access Apocrypha, zoom out on your world map, similar to how you would access Coldharbour or Clockwork City. Apocrypha is a vast zone that becomes available once you own the Necrom chapter. If you've already obtained the chapter, you should have a specific wayshrine unlocked on the outskirts of Necrom. This wayshrine will lead you to the main story quest for the Necrom chapter. If you prefer to continue playing with your existing character and not start a new one, follow these instructions to access the new story content in the Necrom chapter.


New Story

If you start a new character, there will be a quest giver right outside the Necrom outskirts wayshrine. However, if you still need to see that or want to use an existing character, you can access the new story by going to the Collections tab (default key: U) and selecting the Necrom chapter. Accept the quest, and a quest marker will appear on the map, guiding you to the Shrine and indicating what to do. Completing the main story quest is highly recommended, as it offers various earnable cosmetics and unlocks, like the Fate Scryer costume.


Earnable Cosmetics

One of the exciting aspects of the Necrom chapter is the introduction of earnable cosmetics. The Fate Scryer costume, which looks amazing and can be dyed, is one such earnable item. By completing the main story quest, "Chronicle of the Fate," you can permanently unlock this costume. ESO has done an excellent job, including earnable cosmetics, allowing players to obtain them through gameplay rather than purchasing them from the Crown Store. Additionally, owning the Necrom chapter grants you two new character slots, increasing the maximum total to 20.


New Character Slots

Purchasing the Necrom chapter grants you two additional character slots, bringing the total to 20 maximum possible slots. If you plan on making an Arcanist character, it's recommended to skip the tutorial and set up your home with essential consumables like potions, XP scrolls, repair kits, lockpicks, and gear. Having around 200,000 gold will also help you max out your inventory quickly. Start your Arcanist character and enjoy levelling up!


Starting an Arcanist

If you're interested in playing as an Arcanist, it is recommended to skip the tutorial unless you want to go through it again. Once you create your Arcanist, set up your home with essential consumables like potions, XP scrolls, repair kits, and lockpicks. Additionally, prepare another chest in your home to store your gear. It's a good idea to have around 200,000 gold to maximize your inventory space quickly. Once you have everything prepared, you can start levelling up your Arcanist. Check out the builds on our website for further guidance.


Unlocking Companions

One of the exciting features of the Necrom chapter is the introduction of two new companions. Unlocking them will enhance your gameplay experience. The first companion, Sharps as Knight, can be found outside the Outlaw Refuge just southwest of Necrom, underneath a bridge. Completing the quest "Double Edge" for approximately 25 minutes will unlock this companion on your character. Remember, you'll need to repeat this quest for each character you want to use the companion with.


The second companion, named A-Xan, is found in Apocrypha. To reach A-Xan, make sure to take the Soundless Brightway Shrine and head northwest. You'll encounter him outside a point of interest. Completing the "Fate Weaver" quest for about 20 to 25 minutes will unlock this companion on your character. Again, you'll need to repeat this quest for each character you want to use the companion with.


Pro Tip: To power up your companions quickly, use event keys to level up your Mages Guild, Undaunted, and Fighters Guild. These skill lines significantly impact your companion's performance and provide amazing abilities that increase their survivability and damage output. Visit the Craglorn Belkarth event vendor just outside and spend your event tickets to level up these skill lines.


New Trial: Sanity's Edge

The new trial in the Necrom chapter is called Sanity's Edge. Located in the Tell Bonnie Peninsula, southwest of the Necrom wayshrine, this trial offers a puzzle-heavy experience with stunning visuals. While I won't provide footage of playing it, I can assure you it's a fun one!


Gear Sets

With every new chapter, there are various gear sets to collect. Here are some notable ones to aim for:

  • Craftable Gear Sets: The main focus should be on the Tell Bonnie Efficiency set. This set is especially useful when you have companions, as it significantly reduces their cooldowns, making them more powerful and survivable. Combine this set with a one-bar magic sorcerer build, utilizing fully charged heavy attacks, and let your companions do the heavy lifting.
  • Overland Gear Sets: There are a few game-changing overland sets, but one worth mentioning is the Tong on Gaming set. This set increases your weapon and spell damage by 1 for every 50 XP the monster is worth, for 30 seconds, up to a maximum of 540 weapon and spell damage. It's an excellent choice for those grinding a new character and seeking high-damage output.
  • Trial Gear Sets: As of now, there aren't any major game-changing sets in the new trial. However, the medium armour damage set called Zool's Torment is worth considering. It boosts your damage against monsters by 7% and provides an additional 7% damage for 10 seconds when you interrupt an enemy. This set works well with popular meta sets like Bahraha's Mania and Perfected Coral Riptide.


New Mythics

With the release of Necrom, there are three new mythics to explore. 

  1. Krypt Canon: This brings a unique change to the way your ultimate works. It introduces interesting gameplay mechanics, especially for Dragonknights. 
  2. Esoteric Environmental Grieves: Which primary target tanks. However, it recently received a Nerf and may need to be better. 
  3. Velophor's Amulet: This has undergone significant nerfs but still holds value. This mythic is particularly useful for The Arcanist class, providing 15% extra damage against monsters. It replaces the need for light or heavy attacks, making it a fantastic choice for PVE endgame damage dealers.


Veloth Ur-Mage's Mythic

The Veloth Ur-Mage's Mythic is especially relevant for The Arcanist class, which focuses on using beams with 4.5-second channels and hard-hitting damage over time abilities. This mythic grants you an additional 15% damage against monsters, making it an excellent choice for PVE content. It eliminates the need for perfect light attack weaving, allowing you to embrace the class's unique playstyle fully.


Veloth Mythic Leads

Here's what we know so far about the Mythic leads in the Antiquity system. There are three known leads at the time of making this guide, obtained from a world boss, a del boss, and a public dungeon boss. Two additional leads are yet to be discovered, and we'll update the website once more information becomes available. As with previous Antiquity-related tasks, these leads might be challenging to obtain, so be prepared for some adventurous gameplay.


New Houses

For all the housing lovers out there, Necrom brings three new homes to explore. The first one is Journey's End, a small home in Necrom, which can be earned by completing the "Room to Spare" quest in the tavern area. The next home is called Emissary's Enclave, also located in Necrom. This home becomes available for purchase at the cost of 1.3 million eso gold upon completing the Necrom Grand Adventurers' achievement. Lastly, there's a super expensive Crown Store home called Fair Wind, which is a boat-themed residence. The cost is currently unknown, but it's anticipated to be quite high.



To wrap things up, on launch day, consider starting a new character if you're interested in playing The Arcanist. Begin by experiencing the story, unlocking new zones, and exploring them thoroughly. Discover wayshrines, and points of interest, defeat world bosses, and have fun immersing yourself in the new content. Whether you're a grinder looking to optimize your character, a collector seeking all the gear, or someone eager to engage in PvP or new trials, there's something for everyone in Necrom. 

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