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What is SWTOR?

Star Wars: The Old Republic (SWTOR) is an MMORPG that has come to signify a lot in the gaming industry. It was designed by BioWare and produced by Electronic Arts, and was launched in 2011, and has been engaging Star Wars fans and gamers alike since then. Its story is set thousands of years before the Star Wars movies. Players are taken into a time when the Jedi and Sith are battling for control of the galaxy.

What is SWTOR Credits?

In Star Wars The Old Republic, credits are its main currency earned through missions or selling items. With the SWTOR Credits you can buy gear, mounts, decorations for your Stronghold, companions etc from Galactic Trade Network (GTN).


Where do SWTOR credits go?

Credits in SWTOR can be used for the following:

Equipment and Gear: Get better weapons, armor, and equipment to increase your combat effectiveness.

Gift: Buy companion gifts using your credits to improve relationships with them and get bonuses.

Mounts: Get access to mount up across the galaxy on more stylish and convenient mounts.

Customize: Dress yourself in outfits; select armor dyes; bring pets along your journey; use emotes

GTN: You may use credits to buy or sell items on GTN auction house.


SWTOR Credit Making Guide?

There are several ways to earn credits like these:

Conquest: Completing conquest objectives alongside achieving personal goals will earn you valuable crafting materials as well as credit rewards.

Operations: Every boss drop provides significant amounts of tech fragments useful in building up your wealth very fast with credits.

Material Gathering: Use your gathering crew skills to gather materials for sale to other players.

Crafting: Crafting high level gear is now restricted but augments, stims, cosmetic items continue being profitable if you find a good niche for them.

Cartel coins: Find the most profitable items on the Cartel Market that can be converted into credits using cartel coins.

Questing: Take on both main storyline quests as well as side quests for credits as some missions give out a lot of cash so it's advised to search for them as they will maximize your earnings.

Weekly and daily: Certain daily or weekly quests will let you earn credits when completed.


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