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28 May
5 / 5

The service on LOLTANK for FO76 was outstanding. Highly recommend.

28 May
5 / 5

An exceptional Fallout 76 Caps with outstanding performance.

25 May
2 / 5

I had a disappointing experience with the Fallout 76 I bought. It was late, and the quality left much to be desired.

21 May
5 / 5

A good Fallout 76 Caps with a few tweaks required to make it excellent.

18 May
5 / 5

I've had this FO76 Caps for a while, and it's decent. It has some quirks, but it's a reasonable addition to my gaming gear.

18 May
5 / 5

LOLTANK + Fallout 76 + Caps service = The perfect gaming cocktail. Cheers!

What is Fallout 76?

Fallout 76 was an action packed online role-playing video game developed by Bethesda Game Studios and published by Bethesda Softworks in 2018. This is one of the renowned Fallout series game that is set right before all the others in the franchise.

What is Fallout 76 Caps?

Bottle Caps are used to purchase items, weapons, armor and supplies in Fallout 76. You can also exchange your caps. The maximum number of caps a player character can have at any time is 40000.


Fallout 76 Caps: What Can You Do?

Get Ready for Survival: Whether you're facing a horde of ghouls or just trying to survive, gear is everything.

Stock Up On Supplies: It's not fun realizing that you've run out of supplies when you're miles away from safety.

Trade with Fellow Survivors: Players of Fallout 76 often share their belongings and offer to trade them for bottle caps.

Powerful and rare gear: Accumulate enough caps to acquire some weapons, armor, and other things that will give you an edge.


How Do You Get Bottle Caps?

Caps are essential; they facilitate buying/trading and staying ahead in this game. We’ll show you how to gain caps fast without violating the player-friendly rule.


Vendor and Trade Mastery

Turn your cap-making machine into a vending machine full of legendary guns and armors. Make sure your prices are right but conduct market research first. Make your CAMP somewhere that people come to spend their money on Reddit and Discord.


High-value resource farming

Increase your return with acid farming through Snallygasters and Bloatfly Glands. Excavator Power Armor gives more lead. Lay claim to workshops with lead deposits.


Explore Events and Quests

Often the loot from Violent Night or Uranium Fever is valuable, but they are also fun challenges. You should search Appalachia for buried stashes filled with valuables among other things!


Vendor hopping

More sales come with efficient routes. Identify vendors in the wasteland. The ones that will earn you maximum profit should be your focus.


Be a wise trader

Create a trading hub at your CAMP or a popular site and prepare to bargain.

About LOLTANK Fallout 76 Caps

Why You Should Buy Fallout 76 Caps from LOLTANK?

LOLTANK is here to give you the best start possible for your Fallout 76 journey – we are your go-to source for all things Caps! Whether you're an experienced dweller or new to the wasteland, we've got you covered.


Genuine Caps, Genuine Fun:

At LOLTANK, authenticity is not a buzzword. When you purchase caps from us, they have been sourced from real players who play the game, making it more exciting while retaining its realism. We aim to keep Fallout 76 spirit alive and flourishing!


Competitive Prices That Matter:

What’s the need of paying more when it is possible to pay smart? Our prices for Fallout 76 Caps make sense and are dependent on constantly changing market dynamics. Regardless of whether you are playing on PS4, PC or Xbox, we want to give you excellent value.


Rapid Delivery for Rapid Gamers:

Time is money in Fallout 76 and every second counts. We offer fast delivery service that ensures your Caps get delivered within a maximum of 15 minutes! Explore and build again as fast as before.


Safe and Worry-Free Transactions:

First security. We assure you that every transaction performed in LOLTANK is highly protected, so no harm can happen to your account. Be assured that the trade is risk-free.


Support 24/7:

Questions? Do you need help? Ours is a team of customer service representatives who are always dedicated to being there for you. Your experience of Fallout 76 will be smooth and enjoyable with us.


Transparent Refund Policy:

LOLTANK prioritizes customer satisfaction. If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, let us know within 12 hours. We will fix this by offering an obstacle-free refund.

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