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Fallout 76 Latest Update: New and Powerful Weapons Guide

Fallout 76 recently received a major update that introduced various additions, including events, quests, monsters, a new ally, and plenty of new Fallout 76 items. In this guide, we will focus on the unique weapons added in this update, which can be obtained from the new events: Safe and Sound and Beast of Burden. So let's dive into the details and explore these exciting new weapons. If you find this guide enjoyable, please leave a like to show your support.


Fallout 76 Latest Update: New and Powerful Weapons Guide


Elders Mark Unique Weapon

The first weapon we'll cover is the Elders Mark, which can be obtained from the Beast of Burden event. It offers unique effects, including a 5% damage increase after each consecutive hit on the same target, up to 45%. Additionally, it provides a +25 weapon speed, and +15 reload speed. Although we don't have a specialized build for this weapon, it still proves to be a decent choice. With the right build, it can become even more powerful.


Ogua Gauntlet Unique Weapon

Moving on, we have the Ogua Gauntlet, an awesome new melee weapon available in this update. This weapon boasts four effects: damage increases up to 25% as health increases, +25 damage when health is higher, +50 melee damage reflection while blocking, +1 endurance, and 20% more damage. It offers solid performance and is particularly effective against enemies. Let's take a look at it in action—boom, boom! It's undoubtedly a reliable and powerful weapon.


Holy Fire Unique Weapon

Next on the list is the Holy Fire flamethrower, which showcases a unique blue flame when fired. Its effects include +50 damage at night, +50 limb damage, and 50% slower weapon degradation. The blue flame adds a cool visual touch to this weapon. It's always exciting to see weapons that deviate from the usual options available in the game.


Cultist Piercer Unique Weapon

Continuing our exploration, we come across the Cultist Piercer. This two-handed weapon boasts effects that increase damage by up to 95% as health decreases. Since our health is full, it currently offers a 0% damage increase. It also provides a +40 weapon speed and +1 strength. This weapon is a solid choice for players who follow a bloody build with two-handed weapons. The design of the cultist weaponry is quite unique and appealing. Here's a glimpse of it in action.


Cultist Executioner Unique Weapon

Next up, we have the Cultist Executioner, an intriguing two-handed weapon. It's worth noting that this item is non-tradable and cannot be dropped. It offers effects such as +50 damage when the target's health is below 40%, +40 power attack damage, and negates 40 damage while power attacking. Here's a quick preview of its performance.


Luca's Switchblade Unique Weapon

Lastly, we have Luca's Switchblade, a golden switchblade adorned with a skull. Its effects include +50 damage to humans, replenishing 15 action points with each kill, and +1 agility. This weapon proves useful against cultists, blood eagles, settlers, raiders, and even other players in PvP encounters. Its high damage potential makes it a valuable asset in combat.


Conclusion of the Beast of Burden Event Weapons

These are all the unique weapons you can obtain from the Beast of Burden event, where you face off against the Aqua Cryptid. Keep in mind that both events also offer unique camp items, but for this guide, we focused on the weapons due to their significant benefits and uniqueness. Bethesda's inclusion of these weapons is a step in the right direction, as they bring diversity and distinct effects to the game. It's great to see such additions, and we hope Bethesda continues to introduce unique weapons like these.


Now, let's move on to the weapons available in the "Safe and Sound" event, where you battle the Blue Devil.


Blue Ridge Branding Iron Unique Weapon

The first weapon from this event is the Blue Ridge Branding Iron, a remarkable weapon that deals +100 damage against targets with full health. It also offers +40 weapon speed and +1 strength. This powerful and quick weapon even leaves a unique mark, branding the Blue Ridge symbol on the bodies of your foes.


The Kabloom Unique Weapon

Another creative addition is The Kabloom, an explosive shotgun. It lives up to its name, with bullets exploding on impact and dealing area-effect damage. It provides a +100 damage bonus against targets with full health, +3% weapon damage explosion, and +250 damage resistance while reloading. Shotgun builds will find this weapon particularly enjoyable due to its solid performance.


Cryptid Jawbone Knife Unique Weapon

Lastly, we have the Cryptid Jawbone Knife, which offers a unique effect of restoring 2% health over two seconds with each successful hit on an enemy. It also provides +40 weapon speed and reduces weapon degradation by 50%. This fast and efficient weapon shares similarities with the Blue Ridge Branding Iron.


Conclusion of the Safe and Sound Event Weapons

These were the weapons introduced in the Safe and Sound event, where you face the Blue Devil. These new weapons not only offer powerful legendary effects but also boast unique features that set them apart from the standard arsenal. It's refreshing to see Bethesda add such distinctive weapons to the game, and we hope they continue to do so in future updates.



This guide provided an overview of the unique weapons added to Fallout 76 in the recent update. These weapons can be obtained from the Beast of Burden and Safe and Sound events, offering players exciting new options for combat. Whether you prefer melee weapons, flamethrowers, or firearms, there's something for everyone. The inclusion of unique effects and visual elements adds depth and variety to the gameplay experience. Remember to enjoy these new weapons and experiment with different builds to maximize their potential. Until next time, take care and happy exploring!

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