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Fallout 76 Camp: Top 15 Resource Generating Items

In Fallout 76, having resource producing items in your CAMP can greatly enhance your gameplay experience. These items allow you to generate various resources, ranging from crops and food to valuable materials. In this guide, we will cover all the resource producing items available, including some tricks to maximize your resource output



Fallout 76 Camp: Top 15 Resource Generating Items


Turbo Fertilizer Collector

This item can be purchased using gold bullion. When you toss a grenade from the collector, it instantly fertilizes and grows the crops you have planted in your CAMP. It's a convenient way to ensure a steady supply of crops for cooking or trading.


Radstag Dressing Station

Currently available as a scoreboard item, this station generates Radstag Meat. It may also become available for purchase with gold bullion in the future, as is often the case with scoreboard items. Use it to produce a regular supply of meat for your culinary needs.


Fertilizer Collector

By placing this item in your CAMP, you can produce fertilizer and attempt to milk the Brahmin for brahmin milk. The Brahmin may only sometimes cooperate, but having this collector ensures a steady supply of fertilizer, which is useful for crafting and gardening.


Additional Fertilizer Collector

This collector only produces fertilizer and does not provide any additional resources. It can be purchased using gold bullion but is considered less useful compared to other resource generating items.


Mineral Extractor

Build your CAMP near a resource node, such as an aluminum ore deposit, and you can place a mineral extractor to extract the respective resource continuously. You don't need to purchase any plans for this; build your CAMP on or near a resource node and set up the extractor.


Plantable Crops

You can plant various crops in your CAMP, including potatoes, razorgrain, corn, carrots, and more. When you first pick up a fruit or vegetable, you unlock the ability to grow it. Use this feature to grow your own food and gather resources.


Nuka-Cola Machines

Nuka-Cola Quantum, Nuka-Cola Candies, and regular Nuka-Cola Candies can be obtained through scoreboards or purchased with gold bullion. These machines dispense the respective Nuka-Cola products, providing you with a source of unique consumables.


Armco Ammunition Construction Appliance

While not a traditional resource generator, this appliance converts ammo into other types of ammo. It can be purchased using gold bullion and is useful for managing your ammunition inventory.


Scavenger Collection Station

This station allows you to collect various junk items and resources. Some variants of the station are available in the Atom Shop, while others are occasionally offered for free during special events like the seasonal Santa Collection.


Coffee Maker

An Atomic Shop exclusive, the coffee maker provides free coffee to everyone in your CAMP when it appears in the Atom Shop. It adds a touch of realism and convenience to your CAMP's atmosphere.


Firewood Pile

This item is currently available through the scoreboard and will likely be available for purchase with gold bullion later on. It adds a cozy touch to your CAMP and allows you to collect firewood for crafting or aesthetic purposes.


Nuka-Cola Mystery Machine

You can purchase this machine with atoms or, possibly, gold bullion. It dispenses random Nuka-Cola flavours, providing you with a fun way to collect different types of Nuka-Cola.



This resource generating item produces honey, which can be used for crafting or consumed as a delicious treat. Look for it at gold bullion vendors or in the Atomic Shop.



By completing the Brotherhood of Steel questline, you can unlock the ability to build artillery in your CAMP. While primarily used for defence and calling in strikes, the smoke grenades it provides can add a cool blue smoke effect to your camp's atmosphere.



Allies in Fallout 76 can provide quests, trade items, and offer various buffs. While not strictly resource generators, having allies in your CAMP adds an extra layer of functionality and immersion.



These are all the resource generating items currently available in Fallout 76. By utilizing these items effectively, you can create a self-sustaining CAMP that provides you with valuable resources, food, and unique items. Experiment with different combinations and strategies to optimize your resource production. 

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