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New Outfits, Rewards and Pip-Boy Interface Changes in Fallout 76 | June Update

Fallout 76 is set to receive an exciting update in June, known as the Once in a Blue Moon update. Recently, some new rewards were added to the player test server, providing a glimpse into what players can expect. In this guide, we will discuss the new outfits, updated rewards, and changes to the pip-boy interface.



New Outfits, Rewards and Pip-Boy Interface Changes in Fallout 76 | June Update


New Outfits

The upcoming update brings a range of new outfits to Fallout 76. Let's take a look at the additions and how they affect the overall list of earnable rewards.

  • Safe and Sound Event: Players will battle the Blue Devil in this event. The potential drops now include the Blue Devil outfit and Blue Devil pelt hood. The outfit bears a passing resemblance to the character War Pigs from Fallout: New Vegas. Players can acquire plans to craft these outfits and trade them. Additionally, the event offers plans for the mounted Blue Devil head and the Blue Devil statue.
  • Be Suburban Event: This event introduces a cryptid-themed outfit set called Aqua Hunter. The Aqua Hunter Hood and Outfit Combo is a standout, and players can pair it with a new backpack skin called Aqua Shell. Plans for the Blue Ridge Scout outfit are also being added to this event.


Updated Rewards List

With the addition of fallout 76 new outfits and items, let's explore how these changes affect the rewards for the Once in a Blue Moon update.

  • Safe and Sound Event Rewards: The updated rewards list includes plans for the Blue Devil backpack flair, Blue Devil curse and door, Blue Devil plushie, Blue Ridge rug, Brahmin backpack, Pink Brahmin plushie, Brahmin skin rug, cartography table, kids' Brahmin clock, Milkman hats, Milkman outfit, paddock gate, paddock fences, travellers' wagon truck bed, trailer with junk, and the new plans for the Blue Devil outfits, Blue Devil pelt hood, Blue Devil mounted heads, and Blue Devil statue.
  • Beast of Burden Rewards: The rewards for the Beast of Burden event now include plans for the Blue Ridge shipping container, Blue Ridge sleeping bag, canopy tent, cryptid hunter boonie hat, corrupted mobile first sleeping bag, Aqua backpack flair, Ogwa Kirstendor, Aqua egg, Aqua plushie, and plans for the Aqua Hunter Hood outfit, show backpack mounted heads, and the Blue Ridge Scout outfit.
  • Daily Ops Rewards: The rewards for Daily Ops remain unchanged and include plans for the Gorilla chair, Gaul chair, cowboy duster, cowboy chaps, umbrella hats, Brahmin couch, and kids' truck bed.


Weapons Changed Again

Unique weapons in Fallout 76 have undergone rebalancing, resulting in some significant changes. Here are the updates to these weapons:

  • Safe and Sound Unique Weapons: The Blue Ridge branding iron now has an additional bonus of burning the target for 24 damage over 3 seconds. The Cryptid Jawbone Knife now deals an extra 50 damage to cryptids. The Kablooms legendary effects remain the same, but they now include poison damage, inflicting 50 poison damage over 10 seconds.
  • Be Suburban Unique Weapons: Lucas Switchblade now grants +10 to action points as a fourth legendary effect. The Ogware Gauntlet now deals 20 damage without the mod pre-equipped. The Cultist Piercer, Elders, Mark, and Holy Fire are now cursed weapons, resulting in increased damage at the cost of durability. The Holy Fire Flamethrower is currently undergoing changes, and its final version is yet to be determined.


Pip-Boy Interface

The update also includes some changes to the Pip-Boy interface. One of the improvements is item statistic scrolling. If the list exceeds the available space, it will automatically scroll, displaying all item statistics. This feature can be toggled on and off in the settings, providing players with more control over their Pip-Boy experience.



The Once in a Blue Moon update for Fallout 76 introduces exciting new outfits, updated rewards, and changes to the Pip-Boy interface. With new additions like the Blue Devil and Aqua Hunter outfits, players will have more customization options. Additionally, the rebalancing of unique weapons adds variety and freshness to combat encounters. Keep an eye out for the final release of the update in June, and remember to share your thoughts on the rewards and changes coming to Fallout 76.

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