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Fallout 76 Update: Exciting New Changes Coming with 'Once in a Blue Moon'

Fallout 76 next major update is just around the corner, and with the Public Test Server (PTS) still live, there are still ongoing changes being made to what is coming. In today's guide, we have compiled a comprehensive list of the big changes that are currently active. We will start with recent adjustments to the new unique weapons, followed by a new Daily Ops optimization, which brings exciting new rewards. We'll also take a look at some smaller UI changes and finish up with the full list of updated Stamped Vendor prices



Fallout 76 Update: Exciting New Changes Coming with


Unique Weapon Changes

Several unique weapons in Fallout 76 have undergone changes. First, the Old World Gauntlet and Holy Fire have both had their base Legendary effects adjusted. Holy Fire is now Vampires, which is a significant improvement over Nocturnal. The Gauntlet, while still a Juggernaut, now comes with a 40% swing speed instead of melee deflection while blocking.


As for changes to the base stats, the remaining seven unique weapons have not undergone any significant alterations, except for the removal of one weapon, the Executioners Next Skin for the War Glaive. It's currently unclear if this removal is permanent or if it will be back before the update goes live.


However, the most significant news regarding these unique weapons is the ability to reroll and customize them according to your preferences. If you were unhappy with any of the existing base Legendary effects, you can now switch them up to your heart's content. This addition is a welcome change, as previous unique Legendary weapons tended to have fixed base effects.


New Daily Ops Mutation & Rewards

The new Daily Ops feature introduces a new mutation called Danger Clouds, along with new enemy mutations. Danger Clouds create a cloud of toxic smoke surrounding the enemy type, greatly lowering the HP and AP of nearby players. However, it seems that players need to be fairly close to the Danger Clouds for the effects to activate. This mutation can be counteracted by using the Legendary Perk Card, Funky Duds. Although it poses a significant challenge, engaging with Danger Clouds might be worthwhile, as it brings new Daily Ops rewards.


Some of these rewards will be familiar to players who have experienced Fallout 4's New World DLC. Look out for items such as the Gorilla Chair, Gaul Chair, Cowboy Duster, Cowboy Chaps, Umbrella Hats, Brahmin Couch, and Kids Truck Bed. Personally, I'm looking forward to getting my hands on the Ghoul Chair, one of the returning items from Fallout 4.


UI Changes

There have been some small changes to the user interface in Fallout 76. While most of these changes have already been seen, it's worth noting that picking up or equipping a new Legendary weapon will no longer dominate the screen with a message. Instead, the relevant information now displays in a more subtle and efficient manner off to the side.


Similarly, crafting and re-rolling Legendary effects now come with more in-depth descriptions, providing better information to the players. Additionally, two new options have been added to the game settings: Show Muzzle Flash Effects and Show Non-Explosive Weapon Impact Effects.


Updated Stamped Vendor Prices

Now, let's quickly go through the updated Stamped Vendor prices. The Cold Shoulder from Season 12 will be available at the Curios for 5 Stamps, just like the Auto Axe. The price of mods for the Auto Axe has been significantly adjusted, with Turbo, Poisoned, Burning, and Electrified mods now costing 40 Fallout 76 Stamps each.


In terms of weapons, the Frenetic Shotgun Paints and Union Hunting Rifle now cost 50 Stamps each. Moving on to outfits, Skippy Roaches, Tinkerers, Goggles, and Overalls have all been adjusted. Goggles now cost 30 Stamps, while Overalls are slightly pricier at 50 Stamps. The Trench, Runner's Codes, and Hood have undergone similar adjustments, with the outfit costing 50 Stamps and the hood costing 30 Stamps. As for camp items, the Pittsburgh Street Kit and City Limits Sign are both priced at 70 Stamps, while the Floodlight comes in at 80 Stamps.


The Frenetic Barricade Plan and Universality Banners both cost 50 Stamps each. If you are looking to buy pieces of the Union Power Armor, the Helmet, Chest Piece, Legs, and Arms will cost 120 Stamps each, with the Jetpack being significantly more expensive at 300 Stamps. Finally, the Union Power Armor mods have different price points.


The cheapest mods are 20 Stamps, while the next tier costs 40 Stamps. The most expensive mods, including Calibrated Shocks, Emergency Protocols, and Targeting HUD, will set you back 50 Stamps. The headlamp mods are the priciest at 85 Stamps each.



With that, we have reached the end of this guide. Are you pleased with the changes coming with the "Once in a Blue Moon" update? Let us know your thoughts in the comments. If you enjoyed this guide, please consider subscribing to help the channel grow. We post a variety of Fallout 76 content, so turning on the bell icon is the best way to stay up to date. 

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