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Fallout 76 Halloween Events 2023 Guide: Challenges & Rewards

Hello, fellow Wastelanders, and welcome to your ultimate guide for the 2023 Halloween Events in Fallout 76. Today,  We'll walk you through every step needed to snag the elusive Halloween costume, Ghost Skull Hood mask, Ghost Skeleton costume, and the coveted Moth Man egg nest. Uncover the secrets to completing the weekly and daily challenges efficiently, ensuring you make the most out of this seasonal event. 



Fallout 76 Halloween Events 2023 Guide: Challenges & Rewards



The 2023 Halloween event brings a range of festive challenges and rewards for players to enjoy. These challenges are available through the Events section in your main menu and can be completed during the event period. One of the main rewards you can obtain is the Mothman egg, which generates Mothman eggs that can be used for experience points (XP). Additionally, you can also acquire the Ghost Skull Hood Mask and the Ghost Skeleton Costume.


Let's get started by breaking down the steps to complete these challenges.


Weekly Challenges

To access the weekly challenges, go to the Events section in your main menu. You will notice that the Halloween-themed challenges are only available during the event, so be sure to participate while it's active. The weekly challenges can be a bit confusing, so let's clarify how to complete them.


To unlock these, you need to complete daily challenges over the course of a week. Weekly Progress shows how many daily challenges you've completed. For example, 2 of 3 completed means you've completed two out of the three daily challenges available for that week.


Daily Challenges

The daily challenges are integral to progressing in the weekly challenges and obtaining the rewards. Here's what you need to do:


  • Trick or Treat from a Player's Candy Bowl: To complete this task, find a player's camp that has a candy bowl. Trick or treat from their candy bowl, and you'll make progress toward your daily challenge.
  • Give Out Candy: Make your camp inviting for fellow Vault Dwellers by placing a candy bowl in your build menu under "Floor Decor." Fill it with candy, and other players can take one piece at a time. This will help you complete the daily challenge. You can add more than 15 pieces of candy at once.
  • Trick-or-Treat in Costume: To complete this challenge, simply wear any costume (except for power armor) and visit camps with the pumpkin symbol on the map. These are the camps with candy bowls where you can trick-or-treat.


Obtaining Candy

To gather candy for your candy bowl, you need to locate and eliminate the spooky Scorched. They will drop Mystery Candy that you can put in your candy bowl. These spooky Scorched are easy to identify due to their unique appearance and often emit an audio cue, making them relatively easy to locate.


Special Note: Please be aware that some players may have different types of candy bowls. The one you want to interact with is the one you can trick-or-treat from. Some players may have a different type of bowl that causes you to eat random "Mystery Candy" when you interact with it. Make sure to visit the right kind of bowl to progress in your daily challenges.


Claiming Rewards

After successfully completing the daily and weekly challenges, you will be rewarded with the Ghost Skull Hood Mask, the Ghost Skeleton Costume, and the Moth Man egg nest.


  • Ghost Skull Hood Mask: You can find this in the Headwear section of your outfits.
  • Ghost Skeleton Costume: Check the Outfits section for your costume.
  • Moth Man Egg Nest: This will be placed in your CAMP and will generate Mothman eggs over time.


Please note that these items are atomic shop items, so they cannot be traded or dropped.



The 2023 Halloween Challenge in Fallout 76 is an exciting event with great rewards. By following this guide, you can easily complete the challenges, obtain the Halloween costume, and make the most of this spooky season in the wasteland. Enjoy the event, and don't forget to share your experiences with the community! Have a fantastic time in the world of Fallout 76!

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