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Why Ultracite Gatling Laser is Ultimate Fallout 76 Energy Weapon in 2023?

The Ultracite Gatling Laser in Fallout 76, with its recent buffs and diverse modification options, is a formidable energy weapon that offers both versatility and immense power. The enhanced ammo capacity, burn damage, and a choice of legendary effects make it a top-tier choice for any Vault Dweller looking to conquer the wasteland. In this guide, we'll explore this weapon's mechanics, recent buffs, and the most effective ways to wield this energy weapon.


Why Ultracite Gatling Laser is Ultimate Fallout 76 Energy Weapon in 2023?


Core Features

Before we explore the mechanics and modifications of the Ultracite Gatling Laser, it's essential to understand the core features of this exceptional weapon.


Ammo Capacity Buffs:

Following the latest patch, certain modifications have been fixed and buffed, notably those that mention an increase in ammo capacity. Mods like the Gamma Wave Emitter and Refined Wave Tuner, which have "wave" in their name, now offer a 20% ammo capacity boost.


This bonus is particularly advantageous because Gatling Lasers use Fusion Cores as ammo. You'll load the same amount of core, but you'll get more shots, resulting in significant savings.


Burn Damage:

Several modifications, including the wave mods, add burn damage to the Ultracite Gatling Laser. This added burn damage is effective against enemies and provides a unique advantage – it can also heal your allies with friendly fire. This is incredibly useful in events where you need to heal friendly NPCs.


Legendary Effects:

When it comes to choosing legendary effects for your Ultracite Gatling Laser, the best prefixes are either Anti-Armor or Bloodied. Two-Shot was popular in the past but is no longer recommended, as it's now more effective on explosive weapons.


Charging Barrels vs. Regular Barrels

The Ultracite Gatling Laser provides two main barrel options: charging and regular. Here's what you need to know about them:

  • Charging Barrels: These barrels double the damage of the weapon but significantly reduce the fire rate. The fire rate typically drops from 182 to 30. However, you can raise the fire rate to 60 with specific modifications.
  • Regular Barrels: These barrels maintain a higher fire rate but don't provide the damage boost of the charging barrels. They are recommended if you prefer a higher rate of fire.


Prime Receiver

Prime Receiver modification is a crucial option, particularly for the Ultracite Gatling Laser. It provides extra damage and is particularly effective against Scorched enemies. However, it's important to note that the Prime bonus is not doubled when used with charging barrels, as it is with regular barrels.


Benefits: When you equip the Prime Receiver, you'll receive a 16-point damage boost. This bonus, combined with other damage modifiers, can result in a significant increase in damage, especially when used with regular barrels.



The Ultracite Gatling Laser offers two muzzles: the Reflex Sight and the Focuser. The Reflex Sight is straightforward, providing better aiming without major complications. However, the Focuser makes the laser beam invisible but increases recoil. Choose the option that suits your playstyle.


Recoil Management

Recoil in the Ultracite Gatling Laser is manageable, especially with the charging barrels. Recoil typically pulls up and to the right, which is consistent and easy to counteract by slightly adjusting your aim during continuous fire.


Legendary Combinations

To maximize the potential of your Ultracite Gatling Laser, consider the following legendary combinations:

  • Bloodied with Faster Fire Rate: This combination is highly effective when using charging barrels, as it significantly increases your fire rate.
  • Anti-Armor with Faster Fire Rate: If you prefer more accuracy, you can go with an Anti-Armor modifier for enhanced armor penetration. Combined with a Faster Fire Rate, it becomes a formidable choice.


Performance Showcase

To give you a practical sense of how the Ultracite Gatling Laser performs, here are some performance samples:

  • Regular Ultracite Gatling Laser: This non-legendary variant still packs a punch, making it a solid choice for those who haven't obtained legendary versions.
  • Bloodied Ultracite Gatling Laser with Charging Barrels: Witness the incredible damage output of this legendary combination with charging barrels.
  • Prime Ultracite Gatling Laser vs. Scorch: The Prime Receiver modification is especially effective against Scorched enemies, making it a fantastic option for dealing with Scorchbeasts and other Scorched foes.


Tips and Tricks

  • To save Fusion Cores, avoid using the Prime Receiver. You can switch back and forth between regular and Prime ammo types when needed.
  • Remember that your prefix on the weapon (e.g., Bloodied or Anti-Armor) significantly influences its performance. Choose the one that complements your build and playstyle.
  • Use charging barrels with Faster Fire Rate for an incredible DPS boost.
  • The Ultracite Gatling Laser can be your go-to weapon for dealing with Scorched enemies, making it perfect for events like Scorched Earth.



In 2023, the Ultracite Gatling Laser in Fallout 76 is a powerhouse when configured with the right mods and legendary effects. With improved ammo capacity, burn damage, and a variety of modification options, this energy weapon can be a game-changer for your character. Whether you prefer the charging barrels for heavy damage or regular barrels for higher fire rate, this versatile weapon has something for every playstyle.

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