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27 May
4 / 5

Really liked LOLTANK's Gil, but wanted more.

27 May
5 / 5

LOLTANK's Gil service for FFXIV is fantastic. It's changed the way I game.

26 May
5 / 5

The FFXIV Gil is good, but I wish there were more character customization options.

25 May
5 / 5

Using FFXIV has been a game-changer, thanks to LOLTANK.

22 May
5 / 5

Exceptional FF14 Gil purchase! Immersive world and top-notch gameplay.

21 May
5 / 5

Absolutely thrilled with the Gil service. It's a total game-changer.

What is FFXIV?

Although Final Fantasy XIV is effective in storytelling and raiding, other aspects are just average. It is like an MMO Swiss Army knife. FF14 does not disappoint if you want a rich narrative, but it will make you feel bored if all you care about is what comes after the end, like raids.

What is FFXIV Gil?

Gil is the Eorzea currency in Final Fantasy XIV. Almost every part of their journey in Eorzea relies on Gil for players including initial quests and high-end raids. This opens up many game features so that you can have a better experience.


What is Farming FFXIV Gil?

To farm Final Fantasy XIV Gil does not need complex market board strategies, endless grinding or even crafting tasks.


Duty Roulette

If you fill in needed roles (usually tanks but sometimes healers and rarely DPS), Duty Roulette can earn you around 63,000 Gil per day. You may get extra totemstones and gear that can be converted into more Gil daily.


Treasure Maps

When RNG is reduced, treasure maps can actually make some money while playing with groups. This would still be profitable if each of your eight people had three maps. You could double or even triple your investment from rare drops and get millions in return.



Quick ventures are what you use to level up retainers within one hour's time. They bring back stuff such as unobtainable gear with high-value dyes Venture Coffers for future ventures. It's slow burn over time, but it works.


What Can Be Done with Gil in FFXIV:

Buying items: Do you need pots , mats for crafting, maybe some new clothes? All this is brought by Gil.

Gear Repairs: Regular repairs will help keep you alive during fights.

Teleportation: Going quickly across the vast world of Eorzea has costs associated with it.

Keeping Your Character Equip: As you progress further into the game, you should have better gear. Gil can help you buy upgrades.

Buying a house: Do you dream of having your own little spot in Eorzea? Well, Gil can make this come true.


Why You Should Buy FFXIV Gil from LOLTANK

As far as buying FFXIV Gil is concerned, the speed, reliability, fairness and safety of LOLTANK are always the best options. Let us enrich your journey in Final Fantasy XIV.


Speedy Delivery

LOLTANK is here to make sure you get the most out of your stay in Eorzea. We have a constant supply of Final Fantasy XIV Gil that is always ready for delivery. It takes us about 5-30 minutes on average to complete a transaction once payment has been made. Our aim is to ensure that nothing comes between you and your adventure.


Excellent Reputation

Reputation means everything in the MMO world and LOLTANK has a good name there. Serving different kinds of players in Final Fantasy XIV shows that our testimonies are just for our commitments and trustworthiness. For your assurance we will go an extra mile – expect photographs showing games meeting, real time updates on purchases of gil with pictures' evidence provided among others. At LOLTANK we care much about your faith.


Fair Prices

Loss and profit of maintaining pricing philosophy. We may not be the cheapest, but we are always fair. If we do not have FFXIV Gil, we will tell you. Should you wish to wait, and the market rate decreases, then more Gil can be given to you especially if there is no need for extra effort or money from your end. Our pricing is accurate.


Secure Delivery

This is all about the safety involved in every transaction. While delivering your FFXIV Gil, we ensure that it is done in utmost confidence and secrecy. When trading, drop a balanced item into the trade window to make it safe. Think about your protection.


Guaranteed Refunds

We know that sometimes plans change. That’s why our refunds come without any hassle. By the way if you would like to cancel your order before it comes for delivery there is a quick refund process for that one too. You purchased FFXIV Gil but are having second thoughts? Your refund will be waiting for you; no questions asked as long as we haven’t gotten anywhere with it so far.

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