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09 Jun
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Perfect FF14 for real Travel (& a great starter set) - works with hot wheels too

08 Jun
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Fun Loltank ... but only in short bursts.

07 Jun
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Gil received.

06 Jun
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I highly recommend Loltank.

05 Jun
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Great FFXIV Gil

What is FFXIV?

Final Fantasy XIV is an MMORPG that takes place in a 3D fantasy realm developed by Square Enix. It is a revised edition of the original game, offering enhanced gameplay, a new game engine, and a brand-new storyline.

The world of Eorzea in Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn is a mythological universe brimming with divine history and legendary heroes, awaiting players to embark on an adventurous journey. With a choice of five distinct races, each with its own distinct characteristics and over 10 professions to master, players can specialize in a single field or mix and match to suit their tastes. Experience an extensive world teeming with intricate storylines and extensive content that meets the high standards set by the Final Fantasy franchise.


Challenging content
For those looking for more challenging content, there are 8 Savage fights and 12 normal raids available. Catch-up gear is available, and it's easy to grind out astronomy terms to upgrade the gear from 610 to 620 item level. This is more than enough to tackle all current Savage fights. For the most recent Ultimate, Omega Protocol, you'll need to grind out item level 630 raid gear.

Two Alliance raids have been released since launch, and they have been some of the highlights of the expansion. These raids have a new story spanning multiple hours, as well as various gear pieces, mounts, and minions. Eureka Orthos, the new Deep Dungeon, is also available in 6.35. Players can progress through floors of enemies with increasing difficulty. Criterion and Variant dungeons are also available, though the rewards for Criterion dungeons are not great.

PVP content
For those interested in PVP content, the new Crystalline Conflict mode is available in 6.35. It is a step up from the previous Feast mode, and players can grind for mounts and progress their PVP series rewards.

Island Sanctuary
For those looking for more relaxing content, Island Sanctuary is available on 6.2. Players will have their own island to explore, gathering materials, catching and keeping animals, and farming the land. They can also construct buildings and slowly build their little island Sanctuary.

Crafting and gathering
Crafting and gathering outside of the Island Sanctuary is also a great time to invest in quality crafted gear. With another raid and the expansion announcement right around the corner, the market is bound to boom in the next few months.



  • Enjoy a captivating story with top-notch production values, stunning graphics, music, and cinematic sequences.
  • The game has stunning visuals and graphics, with high levels of detail, and characters leave wet footprints behind them as they leave.
  • Reborn successfully bridges the gap between PC and console gaming with an intuitive user interface and controls for both.
  • Reborn has an all-in-one class system, which allows players to experience every scrap of content on one play-through, making the MMO tradition of raising multiple "alts" obsolete.
  • Create your own unique character from a choice of 8 races and 17+ classes. With the game's innovative job system, you can level up every class on a single character.
  • Play with your friends on both PC and PlayStation 4, thanks to cross-platform support.
  • Join a Free Company (guild) or acquire your own private housing for your character.
  • Immerse yourself in an enormous amount of content that can keep you engaged for thousands of hours. There are also plenty of smaller features to enjoy, such as marriage, mini-games at the Golden Saucer, Triple Triad, and numerous side quests.
  • Four major expansion packs: Heavensward (2015), Stormblood (2017), Shadowbringers (2019), and Endwalker (2021).
  • Find something to suit your play style, whether you're a casual or hardcore player. The game offers challenging 'savage' and 'ultimate' difficulty raids for the most dedicated players, as well as more accessible normal mode raids for everyone else.

What is FFXIV Gil?

Gil is the currency that is used in the world of Eorzea in the Final Fantasy XIV. It is the standard form of currency and can be earned through completing quests, guildleves, dungeons, duty roulettes, and Challenge Log entries, as well as by killing monsters in dungeons, and selling items. Players can also exchange gil with each other through direct trade, by purchasing or selling items on the Market Board, or by sending letters through the Delivery Moogle. Gil can be used to purchase various items from vendors and the Market Board, and is the main form of currency used in the game.


How to Making FFXIV GIL?

Making Gil in Final Fantasy XIV is a challenging task, but with a few tricks and tips, you can make a bit of extra money. Complete daily challenges in your challenge log, which will net you a nice amount of Gil with only a few hours of effort. Dungeons, trials, and roulettes are also great ways to make Gil, and you can even make a bit by selling mats gained from dungeon runs.

Complete Daily Challenges in Your Challenge Log
The challenge log is a great way to earn Gil in Final Fantasy XIV. Completing daily dungeons through the duty finder will not only reward you with experience, seals, and Gil but also a bonus Gil for completing it via the roulette. This bonus isn’t insignificant either and will add up over time.

Complete Hunt Board Quests
Each of the locations in the game has their own hunt boards which offer daily and weekly rewards of gil, experience, and seals. Seals can be used to purchase items that would otherwise cost Gil, saving you a tremendous amount of money in the long run.

Complete the Weekly Challenge Log
This will reward you with experience, MGP, and Gil for each challenge you complete. If you complete five challenges, you'll receive a 10,000 Gil bonus, and if you complete ten challenges, you’ll receive another 10,000 Gil bonus.

Farm Astronomy Tombstone Materials
These are used to craft the new Crafter and Gatherer sets called the Indicator Sets and they require a lot of materials. To get these materials, you can do all of the daily quests every day and get a few hundred tombs and sell the materials on the market board for a good price.

Exchange White and Purple Scripts
Instead of using these to get material, you can exchange 500 White Crafter Scripts for Grip Gels. These are needed to craft the new Indicator Sets and are going for around 30k each. Sublime Solutions and Immutable Solutions are also selling well and require 125 White Crafter Scripts each.

Treasure Map
The new Treasure Map in Patch 6.3 is the Time-Worn Opito Toro Skin Map. This is gathered in Elvis and can be sold for around 80-100k each. There are also items that can drop from these maps such as the Hagnose Cloth, Burning Horn, and Exciting Tonic which are selling for millions.

Cinder Drift Extreme Trial
the Ruby Plating needed for the new Shiny Weapon from the Cinder Drift Extreme Trial is selling for around 350-380k each. You can buy these from Diablos and resell them on your server or farm them by running Cinder Drift Extreme Unsynced.

In conclusion, there are various ways to make Gil in Final Fantasy XIV. Completing daily challenges in your challenge log, completing hunt board quests, and farming Astronomy Tombstone materials are great ways to make Gil. Additionally, exchanging White and Purple Scripts, running Treasure Maps, and farming Cinder Drift Extreme Trial can also help you earn Gil. By taking advantage of these opportunities, you can make a bit of extra money in the game.


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How long does it take to receive FFXIV Gil?

It usually takes up to 15 minutes to deliver FFXIV Gil. Delivery time may vary depending on the server.

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