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How to obtain millions of GIL through gathering in Final Fantasy XIV?

Do you want to how to fill your coffers with millions of FFXIV Gil using your gatherers. This guide will be helpful either if you are just starting out or have reached level 90 smoothly as an expert. Before we dive in, remember to always do your market research to ensure your efforts are well rewarded. Remember that patience and perseverance is key here.


How to obtain millions of GIL through gathering in Final Fantasy XIV?


Dynamics of the Market

The first rule for anyone who wants to be a business tycoon is to understand the dynamics of the market. Prices depend on supply and demand so it's important to keep an eye on the Market Board. Look for items with high demand but lower supply—these will be your golden tickets.


The Power of Crystals, Shards, and Clusters

Crystals, shards and clusters are some of the most reliable sources of income for gatherers. These elemental needs are required for crafting at all levels and are therefore highly valuable.

  • Shards: They are needed from levels 1-50 and special attention should be paid to fire shards due to their use in Stormblood crafting. It is recommended to sell them in stacks of 1000 because it matches crafters' consumption patterns.
  • Crystals: Fire crystals are one of those things culinary farmers die for; wind crystals too are much valued because they use them largely hence competitive pricing should be aimed without being unfair.
  • Clusters: They're necessary ingredients when making end-game crafts like potions or tinctures primarily Wind or Lightning Clusters fetch higher prices during this time frame.


Gardening for Gil

Gardening can provide a steady stream of shards if you have access to housing materials with which to do so. With the right soil (obtainable through mining or your retainer), you can significantly increase your yields. Deluxe garden patches and potting soil can be bought from housing vendors.


Leveraging Retainers

Retainers become invaluable in such a quest for riches because they're able to pick up items while you are off adventuring which means that they will contribute a lot towards your stockpile of sellable goods.


Strategic Gathering

Be on the lookout for ephemeral nodes and unspoiled nodes when gathering yourself as they tend to have high value products like Aethersands. Use abilities such as Collector’s Glove and Aetherial Reduction to maximize both of these points.


The Diadem

The Diadem is an excellent location for gatherers of all types. Crystals, Clusters, Etc., And there are elemental sprites which appear based on weather patterns that give tons of crystals and clusters when taken down. This location also contributes towards earning points for the Pterodactyl mount if you want to multitask.


Playing the Long Game

Remember that gathering is a marathon, not a sprint. Consistency is key This will ensure a steady stream of income by regularly updating your sales with changes in the market.


Cross-World Trading

Cross-world trading should be considered by more business-savvy players who understand how it works best Buy low on one server and sell high on another to maximize profits.


Final Tips

  • Always keep a diverse inventory; don't put all your eggs in one basket.
  • Undercut competitors by one Gil—no more, no less.
  • Use gardening and retainers to passively accumulate resources.
  • Stay informed about market trends and adjust your strategy accordingly.


Familiarizing yourself with these useful hints will put you on track to become rich in FFXIV. Do not forget that each server has its own economy and so adjust the strategies to fit your market’s landscape.

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