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FFXIV Regalia Mount Guide: Most Efficient Ways to Farm MGP

The highly anticipated Final Fantasy XV crossover event is back in Final Fantasy XIV since February 28th, 2024. The guide will help both veterans and newcomers navigate through this event and farm some Manderville Gold Points (MGP) needed for purchasing their own Regalia mounts.


FFXIV Regalia Mount Guide: Most Efficient Ways to Farm MGP


Embarking on the Quest

This cross-over event's main quest is an exciting experience full of cutscenes and open-world activities. After completing it, you can purchase exclusive stuff at Gold Saucer. However, the multi-gender fully dyeable Noctis outfit steals the show – any glamour enthusiast must have it.


The Regalia Mount

Acquire a four-seater jewel with unique flying animation for 200,000 MGP — that mount is called Regalia. That number may look like too big of a challenge but don't worry! With our tips you’ll have those points faster than saying "Chocobo racing".


MGP Platinum Cards

During this period there's another activity run alongside this one called The Hunt for Genesis: Moogle Treasure Trove which lasts until March 12th. Do specific activities and earn Tomestones which are exchangeable to MGP platinum cards—each card goes up to massive 50k MP!


G.A.T.E. Activities

Gold Saucer Active Time Events (G.A.T.E.s) are not only fun but also give extra tomestones. Whether dodging danger in "Any Way the Wind Blows" or demonstrating your sharpshooting in "Air Force One", these are very good ways of spiking up your MGP.


Challenge Log

MGP Earning tool – Your Challenge Log. Achieve points from mini-games, G.A.T.E.s, join Chocobo races or play Triple Triad matches to get them. These chores that you do on a weekly basis can earn you thousands of MGP with minimum effort.


Fashion Report

Fashion Report takes place every Friday with scores starting at 80 points which is equivalent to 60k MGP or 66k with FC buff. Look out for community guides to easily achieve this score.


Cactpot Games

The small cactpot is a scratch-off game that one may play just for mere ten MGP each day. Up to 10K MGPL per ticket when numbers match. The jumbo Cactpot is a weekly lottery that has even bigger payouts; buy up to three tickets and cross fingers hoping for a match!


Wondrous Tails

You can get bonus MGP by completing Chloe Aliapoh's Wondrous Tails journal. Do the duties specified therein to receive stickers and make lines for getting something around 30,000 mgp plus.


Farming MGP in FFXIV no longer takes as much time as it used to take before. Engage yourself in several activities within Golden Saucer & beyond for quick accumulation of points. With this guide and involvement in above-mentioned events, you will find yourself cruising around Eorzea on your Regalia mount before you know it.


Focus on diversity because this is the key to making a lot of MGP and keep it fun and exciting. With hard work, persistence, and a little bit of good fortune, you will before long become proud possessors one of the sought-after mounts in all FFXIV.

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