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FFXIV Mentor Guide: Perks, Process, and Proper Etiquette

Greetings aspiring mentors of Eorzea! If being crowned and taking up the noble task of showing new adventurers around is something you have always desired then this is what you have been looking for. But don't worry because this guide will lead you through everything that concerns mentoring in Final Fantasy XIV (FFXIV) with some pinch of humor as well as extreme clarity. Let's take on this enlightening quest together!


FFXIV Mentor Guide: Perks, Process, and Proper Etiquette


Becoming a Battle Mentor: The Basics

To be the light house of warriors and mages, you must hit these primary benchmarks:

  • Dungeon Mastery – Complete 1000 instance dungeons or trials.
  • Player Commendations – Get thanked by 1500 comrades.
  • Role Quests Finished – Ending both tank as well as healer role quests.
  • DPS Role Mastered – Succeed in any melee dps, physical ranged dps or magical ranged dps role quests.


You essentially need combat expertise, some standing among your peers, and familiarity with various fighting roles.


Crafting Your Path as a Trade Mentor

For those who excel at hand and land disciplines (crafters/gatherers), look at these:

  • Collectibles Gathered 300 – Show off your gathering prowess.
  • Collectibles Synthesized 100 – Prove yourself as an expert craftsman/ craftswoman.
  • Level 90 Reached - In all classes related to crafting/gathering, reach it once at least.


With these accomplishments under your belt, you're ready for guiding novices, who will become Eorzea's next generation of artisans.


The Mentor's Oath: More Than Just a Crown

You don't just become a mentor by putting on a crown. It is a commitment to the game's sense of community. As A mentor it is your duty to:

  • Give advice about gameplay to beginners as well as returning players.
  • Display good player behaviour.
  • Moderate the Novice Network chat for answering questions and inviting sprouts (new players) and returners.


Remember, you are the leader on the Novice Network stage. Keep an eye out for those seeking guidance and extend an invitation to join this supportive community.


Reaping the Benefits of Mentorship

Besides enjoying a posh crown, mentors have other advantages like:

  • The EXP Point Bonus – Join parties with new adventurers or returners to earn extra exp from various activities.
  • Mentor Roulette - Get into exclusive duty roulettes with content diversity ranging from dungeons to extreme trials.


By completing duties through Mentor Roulette, you will help others while also unlocking rewards for yourself:

  • 10 Duties – This shows your loyalty in terms of tasks handled so far.
  • 50 Duties – You then get the "Mentor" title which indicates your status among others.
  • 200+ Duties – And finally for reaching 2000 duties collect unique rewards such as glamour items or even a special mount!


Signing Up for Mentorship

To sign up as a mentor approach any NPC Smith within one of the three starting city-states. They will determine whether you meet all requirements and have you agree to abide by the code that governs mentors. Once confirmed, simply modify your online status to include your cool new mentor icon!


The Symbol of Mentorship: Wearing it Wisely

It is more than an accessory, but a mentor's crown represents responsibility. Though there are no hard and fast rules for wearing it, it is advisable to picture yourself as being that kind of a person who assists its wearer. It is your role to bring good name to the Final Fantasy XIV community as you become a player in the game.


In summary, becoming a FFXIV mentor can be highly rewarding and helps improve the game for all concerned, whether through instructive advice during battles or sharing trade secrets with budding artisans. So wear your tiara proudly; embrace your part as a teacher and shape Eorzea's destiny!

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