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What is Runescape?

When you want a classic gaming experience and to be involved in the community, look no further than OSRS; however, if you desire modern MMO features and graphics, then RS3 is your best fit. There are many types of players who find Gielinor more appealing by the variation.

What is Runescape Gold?

RuneScape Gold Coins are used as an improvement of gears, skill training, and wealth measurement. You can get them through mining, crafting or killing monsters.


Tips for Earning RS 3 Gold

There are numerous ways to get rich in this game without being a PvM (Player vs. Monster) expert. You will find the best ways of making money for players who are not great at bossing in this article.

Method Difficulty/Requirement GP per Hour Notes
Giant Mimic Boss for Beginners 4-5M to 10M Choose difficulty level, profits from scrimshaw drops in the Mimic loot chest.
Easy Clue Scrolls Fast and Profitable Up to 15-20M Use Treasure Totem from Anachronia for efficiency, drops include lucky components.
Hard Clue Scrolls A Step Up from Easy Not specified Greater prizes than easy clues, can drop Shadow dies worth about 1b GP each, often picked up from hellhounds.
Crosses Simple PvM Potential for drops worth up to 100M Join public Crosses masses for good item drops.
Barrows Easy PvM Not specified Items like Amulet of the Forsaken or Ahrim's staff can be sold for good prices.
Collecting Zamorak Mjolnirs Unique Method Over 385K per item Simple and repetitive but profitable, available after certain quests.
Binding Contracts with Ancient Summoning Requires Ancient Summoning Not specified Kill creatures like Ripper Demons, Water Fiends, or Hellhounds for profitable pouches, especially alongside hard clue scrolls.
Arch Glacier Easy Mode Bossing Not specified Boss suitable for non-bossers, useful for getting blue charms for ancient summoning.
Slayer Monsters Mid-level PvM Not specified Drop precious items that can be sold for a lot of money, good for improving PvM skills.
Flipping Market Knowledge Varies Buy low and sell high, involves items like potions, ammo or summoning pouches. Requires patience and market knowledge.


Guides to Making OSRS Gold

Old School Runescape (OSRS) offers various ways to make gold, some of which require little to no effort or skill. This guide will look at three excellent methods that can greatly increase your gold stacks, starting from low-effort activities to those with potential high returns.

Method Location/Requirement GP per Hour Strategy
Bounty Hunter Looting 48 in-game hours, 20 quest points, combat level 40 ~1M Use looting bag, stamina potions, combo food in Bounty Hunter arena. Grab stackable items, watch out for rushers.
Crushing Bird's Nests Initial capital to buy nests 640K - 1.65M Crush bird's nests; AFK method for 640K GP/hr, intensive method for 1.65M GP/hr.
Mithril Dragons Firemaking part of Otto's Grotto quest Varies (RNG) Kill Mithril Dragons for loot and rare drops. Spend 495K GP on supplies for ~343K GP in loot.
Brutal Black Dragons Catacombs of Kourend, 77 Slayer, 37 Prayer, high Ranged skill ~1.2M Ranged gear, prayer potions, anti-fire potions, teleport to bank/POH.
Vyrewatch Sentinels Darkmeyer, post Sins of the Father quest ~590K Melee gear, Blisterwood flail. Pray melee and use altar when low on prayer points. Loot stackable items like rune equipment and ores.
Sacred Eels Zul-Andra, 87 Fishing, 72+ Cooking Not specified Fish for Sacred Eels and dissect them into zulrah's scales.
Cooking Raw Sharks 89 Cooking, Hosidius kitchen Up to 390K Cook raw sharks and bank the cooked ones.
Smithing Cannonballs 35 Smithing, Dwarf Cannon quest completed ~130K Smelt steel bars into cannonballs. Double ammo mold from Giant's Foundry minigame can double GP.
Crafting Jade Bracelets 29 Crafting, furnace access ~370K Smelt silver bars with jade to make bracelets.
Mining Amethyst 92+ Mining, Varrock armor 4, expert mining gloves Close to 400K Mine Amethyst and bank ores. Armor and gloves increase yield.
Skeletal Wyverns 72 Slayer, 50+ Prayer, 80+ Ranged, 55 Magic for High Alchemy ~700K Use Ranged to safe spot Wyverns and collect loot including Alkable drops and bones.
Gargoyles 75 Slayer About 550K Use full Guthan's set for auto-healing while fighting Gargoyles. Bring a rock hammer for finishing blows and Elks for extra profit.

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