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Much better RS than the Operation I grew up with

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nice Loltank additions to the factions

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Great RS building and action fun Loltank

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IT's reliable

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Great shop, love the custom services and says Loltank takes 5 - 360 mins to come mine came in 20 seconds :)

What is Runescape?

RuneScape is an online fantasy game where players create their own characters and explore the virtual world of Gielinor. Players can interact with each other through trading, chatting or by participating in mini-games. The game features 28 skills, which enable players to perform various activities, and combat which is subdivided into three main categories: melee, magic and ranged. Player versus player combat (PvP) can be performed in specific controlled mini-games and in the Wilderness. Non-player characters populate the game and may be attacked for rewards. Quests are a series of tasks with a storyline that players can choose to complete. Rewards for completing quests include Runescape Gold, unique items and access to new areas.



  • 28 Skills (17 available to free-to-play players and 11 for members)
  • Semi-Real-Time Combat System
  • Player versus Player Combat (PvP)
  • Non-Player Characters (NPCs)
  • Trading, Chatting, and Mini-Games
  • Quests with Storylines and Rewards

What is Runescape Gold?

Runescape Gold, abbreviated as RS Gold/RS GP, is the virtual currency in the Runescape game. It is important because it's the main way to get items, skills, and services from other players and NPCs and measure one's wealth. RS Gold is used in trades between players, as many items, equipment, and services can only be obtained through player-to-player trades. Gold plays a vital role in the game economy and is necessary for players to advance their characters and participate in many activities.


How Farming Runscape Gold?

The best way to make money in RuneScape is to Flipping, Tanning Leather, and harvesting Cursed Energy. Flipping involves investing in tradeable items and moving them on at a higher price. Tanning Leather requires you to kill dragons and turn their hides into leather. Harvesting Cursed Energy requires you to have a Divination level of 95 and to go to the Cursed Wisp Colony near the Wilderness Volcano. Collecting bananas is another way of earning money in RuneScape which requires you to have a membership and use a Ring of Duelling, an Amulet of Glory, and baskets to pick bananas from Musa Point. Herb Cleansing requires you to have the Herblore Cape, and Superheating Runite Ore requires you to use a Superheat spell to turn the ore into Rune Bars.


Runescape 3 Gold Farming Guides:

  • Start with a preset of items to save time. These usually include a wax, cabbage report, teleport, and ecto file.
  • Activate your Green Fingers aura to protect crops from disease and increase the chance of bonus crops.
  • Pick herbs and use the leprechaun to note them.
  • Use ultra compost on the patch, paying the leprechaun to do it for you.
  • Teleport to Catherby, then to Doom, followed by Attuned and finally to Owlcrate.
  • Buy Plant cures from the Grand Exchange to cure diseased crops.
  • Buy buckets from the Grand Exchange or unlock the bucket skips to save time.
  • Unlock the sand seed teleport to skip the first stage and save time.
  • Use a juju farming potion for a chance of double herbs.
  • Utilize the new farming feature to automatically fill buckets with compost.


How to  Farming OSRS Gold?

When it comes to earning GP in Old School RuneScape, there are many different methods that players can use to make a profit. The most reliable and consistent methods include leveling up the Big Three skills (Woodcutting, Mining, and Fishing), farming and selling Cowhides, fighting Dark Wizards and Flesh Crawlers, completing the first three levels of the Stronghold of Security, and becoming a Runner for other players. For those new to the game, it is important to remember that it takes time to earn larger amounts of Gold. As players level up in the game, they will have more opportunities to earn larger amounts of Gold and will be able to do so much faster. Additionally, players must pay attention to the constantly fluctuating market for all of the game's items in order to maximize their profits. With the right strategy, players can make a significant amount of GP in Old School RuneScape.


Here is a list of the top five money makers in Runescape with no requirements so you can start making money right away. 

  • Making Crystal Keys - Make crystal keys to open the chest and travel. Buy the halves as cheaply as possible and click twice every time to make one key. You can make a profit of 100k per hour, which adds up to 4.7 million gp each hour.
  • Bone Running - Bone running is not the most profitable, but it is one of the easiest. It pays up to 3 million gp per hour and takes around one minute per inventory. You will need to give a deposit to the Discord ranks to ensure that runners don't disappear with millions of gp worth of bones.
  • Potion Decanting - Millions of potions are sold on the g in different doses and the prices are not linked. Figure out the cheapest price for each potion and sell the most expensive price to make a profit.
  • Armor Sets - Some armor sets can even be done on free-to-play. Figure out how much you make by buying the individual pieces and selling them as a set. Start off low and increase your offers slowly to get the best price.
  • Hunting Dragon Imps - Iron Man players pay a lot of money for each dragon imp. All you need to do is join the Discord grotto and type in "Sell" in the imbiased chat to find buyers. You can make 36 million gp per hour in the best spots. 

Runescape Gold In

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Is Runescape Gold sold safe?

Yes, purchasing Runescape Gold on LOLTANK is safe. LOLTANK is a reputable provider of in-game currency and services, and all transactions are secure.


Is Runescape Gold cheap?

Yes, RS Gold price is generally very cheap on LOLTANK. Prices may vary depending on the current market rate.


How long does it take to receive Runescape Gold?

After the purchase has been confirmed, it usually takes 15 minutes to receive RS gold. However, this time may vary depending on the payment method used.

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