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Top gold-making strategies for OSRS mid-game in 2024

Welcome future RuneScape millionaires, are you stuck in the middle of the game, dreaming of runescape gold piles that would make even Grand Exchange bankers blush? Well get ready for a wild ride with our best mid-game gold makers of 2024. With these methods you will be laughing all the way to the bank, just make sure not to trip over any goblins on your way there.


Top gold-making strategies for OSRS mid-game in 2024


Wilderness Chest Thieving: The Daredevil's Delight

If you're feeling dangerous and have a knack for pocket picking, then Wilderness Chest Thieving is perfect for you. You're going to need 84 thieving and balls made of steel but with budget monk robes (with a prayer bonus) and a looting bag, there's nothing stopping you now. it's a magical dodgeball game and make around 2.5 million GP per hour. And hey remember, if they really are out to get you then it isn't paranoia.


Dagannoth Kings: The Royal Rumble

Ah yes Dagannoth Kings where you can pretend to be a medieval beast slayer while stacking up gold coins faster than ever before. With recommended combat stats of 80+, some ice and blood spells up your sleeve while praying like your life depends on it (because it does), earn up to 2.5 million GP per hour. Plus you get shiny rings that will let any jeweler know just how much money we're making here.


Demonic Gorillas: The Zenyte Zenith

Ready for some monkey business? Fight some Demonic Gorillas! After completing Monkey Madness II and having at least an 80+ combat stat, go bananas on these furry beasties! With Zenyte Shards as their main drop (worth about 11.5 million GP), expect around 3 million GP per hour if you can handle this click-fest! Just think of it like Whack-a-Mole but with more demonic screeching.


Vorkath: The Blue Dragon Bonanza

Vorkath is that rich uncle who never remembers your birthday but has a hoard of treasure, complete Dragon Slayer II and have at least 80 in combat skills to kill this blue beast for about 3.4 million GP per hour, steady money-making with fewer heart-stopping drops, perfect for those who prefer a consistent paycheck over gambling on the Grand Exchange.


Bandos God Wars: The Solo Soldier's Spoils

Soloing Bandos in the God Wars Dungeon is like going to an all-you-can-eat buffet and only eating caviar, With Crystal or BofA weaponry (or even just a trusty crossbow), some solid range skills, and a hammer (because apparently gods can't handle basic carpentry), you can pull in around 5 million GP per hour. It's intense, it's profitable, and it's like stealing clothes off a deity's back.


Tombs of Amascut: The Invocation Sensation

The final gold maker on our list is none other than the Tombs of Amascut. This one's the big leagues - where we separate the noobs from the pros! You'll need to have completed Beneath Cursed Sands and be in the low 80s for combat stats but with a potential 7.6 million GP per hour (or more if you're speedy Gonzales), it's like hitting the jackpot every time you raid!


Here are six sensational methods for making gold in OSRS's mid-game that will have you rolling in riches faster than you can say RuneScape retirement plan. Just make sure to keep your wits about you and don't fall for those pesky scammers at the Grand Exchange because they're more slippery than a Wet Noodle Monster.

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