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09 Dec
5 / 5

Impressive RS Fire Cape (LOW PRAYER 60 Ranged 1 Prayer). Worth every cent.

09 Dec
2 / 5

I had high expectations for the Runescape Fire Cape (70 Ranged 40 Defence), but it fell short in some areas.

09 Dec
5 / 5

I'm thrilled with the Fire Cape (60 Ranged 40 Defence) I got at LOLTANK. It's a fantastic addition to my daily life, and the quality is outstanding.

09 Dec
4 / 5

The RS TokHaar-Kal-Mej (The Magic Kiln Cape) from LOLTANK is a solid choice. It has its quirks, but the storyline keeps me hooked, and the graphics are impressive.

07 Dec
5 / 5

An excellent experience with Runescape Fire Cape (LOW PRAYER 50 Ranged 1 Prayer) at LOLTANK. Highly recommend it.

What is RS Capes?

In RuneScape, capes are worn on the back of a player's avatar and can be obtained as a reward for achieving various accomplishments in the game. Players coveted RuneScape's capes for representing significant achievements and milestones. 


RuneScape offers the following capes:


Skill Capes

When you reach level 99 in a skill, such as attack, strength, magic, cooking, crafting, or more, you earn a skill cape. They are often adorned with unique designs and colors. Players who want to display their expertise in a certain area often use skill capes, which provide a small stat boost related to the skill they represent.


Quest Capes

In RuneScape, quest capes are earned by completing all quests, symbolizing a player's dedication to completing the game's storyline. Quest capes often have distinctive appearances and can grant access to special areas.


Achievement Capes

You can obtain achievement capes by completing specific challenges and achievements in the game. Players can earn achievement capes by completing challenging tasks, unlocking rare items, or reaching certain milestones. They can be viewed as a symbol of commitment and achievement.


Combat Capes

The combat cape is earned by achieving high levels in combat skills, such as attack, strength, defense, range, and magic. Combat-related capes often provide bonuses or perks related to combat, such as increased damage or defense.


Cosmetic Capes

Capes in RuneScape are purely cosmetic in nature, and they have no gameplay benefit. They can vary in design, pattern, or color, and they are often available through events, promotions, or through special activities.


How to get OSRS Fire Cape?

If you're looking to get a Fire Cape in Old School RuneScape (OSRS) but don't want to spend a long time in the Fight Caves, here's a quick guide to speed run through it:

  • Log into a quest speed running world and go to the quest menu.
  • Select Beneath Cursed Sands and choose the Setup: Quest option.
  • Use the Group Finder tab to minigame teleport to the Fight Pits.
  • Once you arrive, run east from where you teleported to find a character who will take you to the other side of Mort'ton.
  • Set your attack style to "Rapid" and set up your F-keys for quick access to inventory, prayers, and spellbook. If you don't use F-keys, start using them now and set them up in a way that feels comfortable to you.


Select the first challenge in the Fight Caves

  • Now, you can fight Jad without having to go through all the previous waves.
  • Learn a method to keep track of Jad's attack styles that works for you. For example, you can check if his hands hit the ground - if they do, it's a ranged attack; otherwise, it's a magic attack.
  • Halfway through the fight, healers will spawn. If you have a blowpipe and decent range levels, you can sometimes ignore some or all of the healers. However, with black dragonhide and a rune crossbow, you'll have to learn how to deal with them.
  • Remember, even if you make a mistake, as long as you're not dead, you can keep going. Even at 5 hitpoints, Jad can't kill you unless you mess up.


Top Runescape 3 Cape List

Whether you're an experienced player or new to the game, this list will provide you with the best options. We'll be ranking each cape from best to worst based on its style, prestige, usefulness, and stats.


Fire Cape

The Runescape cape is more iconic than others on this list, despite outperforming them. For many players, conquering the formidable Jad is a monumental achievement. The Fire Cape features an animated texture, making it visually appealing and a symbol of success.


Mythical Cape

Obtain this cape after completing the Dragon's Lair quest. It has a six crush bonus, making it the best in slot for crush attacks. It's ideal for bosses like Veretoraks, Callisto, and Venenatis. Aside from its crush bonus, the Mythical Cape also offers good defense and modest prayer and melee strength bonuses. It also offers unlimited teleportation to the Mythical Guild, which has useful amenities like a Rune Shop and Dragons.


Construction Cape

It has nine defense and four prayer bonuses, but the main advantage is that it serves as an infinite teleport to your player-owned residence. By doing so, you save gold pieces on teleportation fees and are able to access your house quickly for training, storage, and other tasks.


Quest Cape

The Quest Cape is obtained by completing all quests in the game. With nine defense and four prayer bonuses, it does not have the most impressive stats, but it offers a powerful teleport to the Legends Guild. For players who rely heavily on Fairy Rings for transportation in Gielinor, this teleport is extremely useful.


Ardougne Cape

The Ardougne Diary cape provides a significant +6 Stab attack bonus, making it the best in slot for Stab attacks. It also provides decent magic and prayer bonuses, making it a well-rounded cape. Players can obtain it for free once they complete the Ardougne Diary, making it a perfect choice for upgrading their capes.


Crafting Cape

With only minor bonuses, the Crafting Cape is considered one of the best investments in the game, despite its lack of impressive stats. For players who need regular access to a bank and frequently engage in crafting activities, this is the closest teleport to a bank in the game. This makes it extremely valuable.


God Cape Imbued

Mage Arena 2 miniquest rewards with this cape, which boosts magic stats by +15. Magic damage is also increased by two percent, making it a good choice for magicians seeking maximum power.


Ava's Assembler

The Dragon Slayer 2 quest requires you to kill Vorkath to obtain it. The Dragon Slayer 2 Accumulator has a higher Range Bonus than Ava's Accumulator, along with a stronger range. 


Infernal Cape

Obtainable by defeating the Inferno and Zuk, this melee cape gives +12 defense, +8 strength, +4 to all attack bonuses, some major and range bonuses, and some prayer bonuses. 


Max Cape

This cape has almost unlimited features, including more teleports, spellbook swapping, Holy Wrench, HP restoration, negative weight, and the same stats for the normal skill cape. 

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