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19 Apr
5 / 5

Great Runescape PURE Fire Cape (70 Ranged 1 Defence) service despite slight delay. Customer support was helpful, resolved issues promptly. Would use again.

18 Apr
5 / 5

LOLTANK is good, but there's room for improvement.

17 Apr
5 / 5

Absolutely thrilled with the PURE Fire Cape (70 Ranged 1 Defence) service for RS from LOLTANK. My gaming life is forever changed!

14 Apr
3 / 5

Runescape Igneous Kal-Zuk (The Hybrid Igneous Cape) service was competent but unremarkable. Delivered on time but lacked engagement and innovation.

31 Mar
5 / 5

This Runescape Soul Cape ( Blood ) is incredible. I am really satisfied with my purchase.

30 Mar
5 / 5

It's a good Runescape Soul cape ( Barrows ), no doubt. It's not perfect, but for the price, I'm satisfied with what I got.

What is RS Capes?

In Runescape, player back are usually decorated with capes that can be earned through their success in various tasks in this game. Capes in RuneScape have been the desire of players as they represented their greatest achievements.


Skill Cape

A person is able to get a skill cape by reaching level 99 in a skill like attack, strength, magic, cooking, crafting and others. For many of them their design varies distinctly and from this point most of them have unique colors. Usually, only professionals use skill capes to improve these ones while other people give them better boost.


Quest Cape

RuneScape quest cape is awarded after all quests are completed showing commitment of the player to completing the game story line. There quest capes will differ in design and some may even serve as a passport to certain areas.


Achievement Capes

Some could be achieved by meeting specific criteria or overcoming particular challenges in the game. Players receive achievement capes after finishing difficult tasks like unlocking rare items or getting to various milestones which may symbolize one's commitment to excellence.


Combat Cape

By combat cape we mean gaining high levels in combat skills such as attack, strength, defense range and magic. Combat-related capes often provide bonuses or perks related to combat such as increased damage or defense.


Cosmetic Cape

Capes are just for decoration and do not have any impact on gameplay inside RuneScape. Some of them may differ by design while others by pattern or color but most are obtained during an event; through promotions or special activities within the game.


Top Runescape 3 Cape List

People who have played the game before or are novices will find this listing to be ideal. We will rate each cape starting with the best according to style, prestige, use and stats.


- Firecape

However, Runescape's cape is more famous than any other on this list. Several players consider defeating Jad as a major achievement. In addition, it is adorned with animated texture which makes it more visually appealing as a mark of triumph.


- Mythical Cape

You need to complete Dragon's Lair quest in order to get this cape. This has the highest crush bonus of six in slot for crush attacks. Mythical Cape works best against bosses like Veretoraks, Callisto and Venenatis among others. Apart from this crush bonus, mythical cape also offers moderate prayer and defense bonuses along with melee strength bonus. Besides this, it has unlimited teleports to Mythical Guild that can be used by players for convenience purposes such as reaching Rune Shop and Dragons.


- Cape of Construction

It gives nine defensive and four prayer bonuses but most importantly acts as an infinite teleport to a player-owned house. Therefore, members do not need gold pieces spent on teleport fees when they want to train or keep items in their houses.


- Quest Cape

Once you finish all quests in this game you get quest cape. In terms of its stats (nine defense and four prayer bonuses) it does not come with the best ones but strong teleports to Legend's guilds are included in its features. For instance, any player who frequently uses Fairy Rings within Gielinor can confirm how important this particular teleport is.


- Ardougne Cape

Many people recognize Ardougne Diary cape because it gives +6 Stab attack bonus which is significant compared to numerous other options available for stabbing attacks. Additionally, its magic and prayer bonuses are good making it a versatile cape catering for every type of player regardless of what they do elsewhere in the game. They can obtain one free of charge upon completion of Ardougne Diary and thus, an excellent cape to upgrade for them.


- Cape of Crafting

Crafting Cape has few bonuses but it is a wise investment that does not have good stats. This is because it is the closest teleport in the game to a bank for people who need bank access consistently and also mainly craft. This is why it is very valuable.


- God Cape

Mage Arena 2 miniquest awards this cape that increases magic stats by +15. It may be a powerful mage's choice as well as magic damage increases by 2%.


- Ava's Assembler

Kill Vorkath during Dragon Slayer 2 quest to unlock this item. Dragon Slayer 2 accumulators have better Range Bonus than Ava's Accumulator and are superior when it comes to range.


- Infernal Cape

Inferno & Zuk make Melee cape imbued which gives +12 defence, +8 strength, +4 on all attack bonuses except some major and range bonuses plus some prayer bonuses.


- Max Cape

It contains almost infinite features including many teleports, spellbook swapping, Holy Wrench, HP restoration, negative weight and normal skill cap stats.

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