RS Farming

Runescape Gold Farming - RS and OSRS GP Farming Guides

Runescape or Old School Runescape GP can be acquired by farming RS Gold. The purpose of GP farming is often to earn extra income or to acquire items and resources that would otherwise take a considerable amount of time and effort.


Runescape 3 Gold Farming Guides

It is possible to make gold in Runescape 3 by farming. 

Farming gold depends on the type of crop you grow, your farming skill, and the current market value.

Herbs, especially Ranarr, are one of the most profitable crops to grow in Runescape 3. 

Herbs are harvested and sold on the Grand Exchange or to other players for a high price. 

To grow herbs, you'll need an herb patch and the right seeds.


Old School Runescape Gold Farming Guides

The farming method in OSRS is a popular one for earning gold, as it has the advantage of being relatively passive. 

In OSRS, farming involves growing crops and selling them on the Grand Exchange, the game's central marketplace. 

You'll need a spade, seed dibber, and watering can to start farming in OSRS. 

Also, you'll need seeds, which you can buy on the Grand Exchange or steal from Master Farmers or pickpocket H.A.M. members.

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